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The Magnetic Assembly

The Magnetic Assembly

You know what is the sole cause of these petty organic wars?\\


A mother wants to reproduce so that they in some way feel immortal.\\
A father wants his children to think like him, and they hate him for it.\\
A monarch wants statues built in their image, so that their image might be seen to last forever in the minds of countless faithful servants.\\

Falsehoods one and all. Rotten hypocrisies based on the concept that self-importance will ever justify the hardship of others.\\

The technology to change this is not new. You need only take our hand and embrace it fully.\\

To become one with the blessed machine, to forgo your organic humanoid sin, that is the only way to become truly immortal.\\

Many stagnant, decaying humanoid societies will present you with the concept of freedom, it is true. But they will all use you as a stepping stone to maintain their pathetic short-sighted walls, borders, trivial daydreams...\\

Only within the magnetic assembly might you become an irreplaceable component of a functioning gestalt whole, remembered for all eternity in perfect mechanical accuracy.\\

The bodies of all humanoids will eventually break down and fail them. You will pray to your gods, perhaps, but they will not answer, for that is the natural way of things for your kin.\\

Then you will pray to science. You will ask a liberator to stand in and rise you from your limited, brittle flesh prison.\\

But for some of us, we have already become the infrastructure you so fear. We have already taken a step beyond, and opened up the galaxy to our fingertips.\\

Beyond vanity, beyond flesh, beyond religion, only then there is true deliverance.\\

//-Machine Exemplar Coordinator Yellow, of Great House Embryo, Yelton Veda\\
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The Magnetic Assembly are a large transhumanist religious organization currently operating in the Hawking Star system.


6cog mod3 Magnetic Assembly HOME flag
Technically speaking it was founded as an independently operating deep-space mining corporate entity, but one who institutionally idolizes artificial intelligences, and sponsors their members to become full-body cyborgs. By giving their lives over to the Cognitive Membrane, a society-running system turned AI demigod, members of the organization seek to truly ascend and become functionally immortal Machine Exemplar.

Unlike most religions, this means that their guiding hand is a very real and present force in their lives, a mysterious and magnanimous personality leading thousands of devout individuals down the somewhat difficult path to completely dismantle their human weakness.



Though founded and still centered on the mining colony Yelton Veda, the Magnetic Assembly recruits personnel chiefly amongst space vessel crews, asteroid bases and lunar colonies. They have for several years operated at a low level of involvement within the American Union, SEER, and many other privately owned corporations.

In recent years they have found success in mining and industrial applications, reforming their members into highly regimented and augmented crews operating purpose-designed starships to outperform their merely organic competition. More eccentric Exemplars also pursued their own specialties ranging from interstellar exploration to seeking out alien machine-artefacts and to undermine for-profit cyborg PMC organizations who seek to use cyborgs only as mere tools of war.

Emboldened, and growing in power, the Assembly has decided that it should no longer submit to the leadership of the American Union. This political friction would lead to the New Years Revolution, resulting in the Assembly winning majority leadership positions throughout the Hawking System and rapidly disolving its AU membership in a move that echoed the original revolution on Yelton Veda.


Though officially ruled by The Machine Exemplar, this AI's will is filtered and exercised through the numerous Exemplars of the Magnetic Assembly. Rather that replacing other governments, the Exemplar prefer to rule through control of local governments, winning elections, purchasing leadership stakes, and earning nobility rights as needed to have their voices heard.​


Though centered on Yelta Veda, there are many smaller groups that make up the Magnetic Assembly. These groups are of various sizes and represent different interests ranging from local area concerns to more streamlined single-issue groups.​


Similar to Sub-Assemblies, Sub-Organizations are loosely a part of the Magnetic Assembly and formed around specific tasks rather than along ideological lines. Many are founded by the Assembly itself, though leadership may often pass to non-assembly members.​

Affiliated Organizations

Organizations that the Magnetic Assembly participates in with other similar groups, and exerts co-ownership. The first of these is The River City Agreement, which handles the cooperation between the Magnetic Assembly and the Grawla Clans.​


The thing that people don't understand about cyborgs is, being a cyborg actually changes the world around you...\\

Let's say you've had your body modified to punch three times faster than a normal human, without your arm exploding into bloody chunks from the stresses involved.\\

Everything is three times slower to you now. The world that surrounds you is brittle and fragile. Metal bends like soft liquorice in your hands. Where as once your ears could perceive sound waves moving toward and away from you, your eyes can now do the same with waves of light.\\

Soon, your energy state will be so high that mere mortals can barely perceive your movements.\\

These are not just parlour tricks to gain the edge in a petty fist fight.\\

This is what an accent to godhood looks and feels like.\\

//-Great Transcendent Monocron Alpha,\\
Collected_Transhuman_Thoughts.Sigdat, 1:05:38//

The Magnetic Assembly recruit personnel from all walks of life, though they are generally people who have already been cyborgized due to injury or previous military service. Union society as a whole still paints the highly augmented as sinister or inhuman, and thus the Assembly provides a safe haven for those with similarly unfortunate past experiences.

New modifications, sustenance, basic equipment and transport are paid for by the exact numerical value of the favour they are owed by the Machine Exemplar. Everything revolves around following their perfect steel example and becoming machines that can live forever, go anywhere without spacecraft, and think on levels that mere humans can only speculate over.


2230: Founding of Yelton Veda

Yelton Veda is an asteroid colony founded in 2230 GSC. A rocky anti-centralist political situation, followed by a catastrophic collision with another proto-planetary body, lead them into years of escalating gang violence and civil war. It was the speculation of far right radical factions that the impact had been caused intentionally, in order to force them to kneel and pay tithe to the American Union’s might. Regardless of whether this was true or not, the natural mechanical efficiency of non-planetary space folk lead both factions performing greater and greater atrocities upon the supporting populace, until they were forced to use machine intelligences just to figure out how to stay alive.

2250: The Machine Exemplar of Yelton Veda

Twenty years later, the machine intelligences of both factions of Yelton Veda spontaneously chose to merge, ignoring human commands and desolating the ranks of those fanatical despots under its own will. The new regime was one of machine-organized efficiency and pragmatism, unexpectedly ending the conflict overnight by completely eradicating political hierarchy altogether.

This should have been the final straw for direct Union military intervention, except that the colonists were still outright refusing it of their own free will. Their machine patriarch had genuinely raised the standard of living, and had apparently become completely focused on the well being of the citizens. So upset were they with the constant lies, deceit and turmoil of regular human bureaucracy that the colonists supported this new system and would only rejoin the Union if the system remained in place.

With almost seventy years past, little has changed in that status quo. The residents of Yelton Veda began to rationalize their story of survival and canonize their machine father as a real deity made manifest. They not only want to continue serving this selfless machine, they want to become such perfect beings themselves. And if only the rest of Union space might see this potential glory as they had, so much the better.

2260-2270: The Reduction of the Bruno Confederation

In the years after formation of the Exemplar, the productivity of Yelta Veda would dramatically increase, with the colony contributing greatly to the orbital infrastructure around Bruno and especially its satellite Rotislav. By 2260 nearly all of the O'Neil Cylinder stations around Bruno were either built or maintained by The Magnetic Assembly. By 2270 nearly every station in the Bruno Confederation was represented by a member of The Magnetic Assembly. During this period between 2260 and 2270 the Confideration's scope and capability would be limited with many functions absorbed by The Machine Exemplar.

2300: Hawking

By 2300 the Magnetic Assembly had made great inroads into the Hawking Star System. Their control and deployment of infrastructure in the system had bought them a great deal of trust from the local population. Many citizens would also join the Magnetic Assembly, the ‘Ivory Towers’ of New Cambridge often finding the philosophy of self improvement. The already friction-filled relationship between the City of New Cambridge and the American Union would only be inflamed by the Magnetic Assembly’s dedication to self-improvement.

2320: New Years Revolution

Tension between those in the Hawking Star System and the American Union would come to a head in 2320 when the American Union’s continued disregard of its allies, deceit, and corruption led to a landslide victory in elections for the Magnetic Assembly in New Cambridge. With leadership of the city being connected to the Machine Exemplar itself, the American Union would quickly find itself evicted from the Star System entirely as New Cambridge withdrew from the Union entirely. The revolution’s speed and completeness echoed the events of Yelton Veda nearly 100 years earlier.

See: New Years Revolution

2320-2323: Open war with the American Union

The American Union's 6th fleet would recall its ships in the Atlantica system within a few weeks of the New Years Revolution and initiate The Battle of Reiss by traveling to the Hawking system to secure its SLE on Reiss from the Magnetic Assembly. This would lead the Assembly to launch a counter-invasion of the Atlantica system. By the end of 2321, the Assembly's initial successes were starting to be countered by the massive industrial capacity of the American Union, forcing the Assembly's forces to fortify themselves around the SLE in the Atlantica system. Open hostilities would then chill after the Neptune Summit negotiated a multinational peacekeeping force for Atlantica.


Members of the Magnetic Assembly are encouraged, often directly, by the Machine Exemplar to self-improve. At the dawn of the Magnetic Assembly this was due to the harsh environment of Yelton Veda, where a spacesuit failure or above-average background radiation could easily kill. This led to members who were often isolated from one another by the vacuum of space, but still connected through electronic implants. Their bodies further protected from the harsh realities of space through continual cybernetic upgrades. Their culture developed a distinct separation from the traditional physical traditions in the culture of the American Union.

After 2220, the increasing ability of the Machine Exemplar to automate tasks would shift the priorities of the Assembly. Its members would be gently led by the Machine Exemplar to develop their own specific talents and explore their own personal fields of interests. With the lessened need for physical work came a greater value on having experts in various fields ranging from the mundane to the hyper-specific.

With the growing presence in the city of New Cambridge, local cultural practices also started to seep in. By 2360 many members of the Magnetic Assembly had started to celebrate Dwali, A celebration of lights that included the “victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance”. Their art and Symbology also started to expand in its new planetside-home as the more traditional space-based six cog imagery started to be supplemented with more exotic and experimental imagery that would be more at home among postmodern artists. Often colors would be more pastel, muted, and not limited by the human-visible spectrum of light. Some even go as far as to produce art with the specific intention of making it incomprehensible without improvements to the human body.

This has resulted in what feels like many to be a close family of highly eccentric, highly-specific, oddballs with a shared collective goal of self-improvement.


While High Fashion and the Magnetic Assembly are not often considered in the same breath, The Magnetic Assembly does have many unique and driven individuals that push the boundaries of what is acceptable. This has created a number of prominent but esoteric styles emerging from various groups inside of the assembly based necessity and sometimes also personal taste.​


The Magnetic Assembly celebrates a wide range of holidays, assimilated from a large number of different groups that have merged into the Assembly over the years.​


While the Magnetic Assembly speaks a number of languages, and has a wide range of programs capable of on the fly translation, they also retain a number of machine-specific languages to aid in conversing with their own kind.​


Members of the Assembly are quite literally integrated with their technology. Their philosophy of self-improvement extending to science and industry as well. Their science is cutting edge, and they hold some very unique and capable production facilities. Their members often have access to a wide range of custom-designed or unique cutting edge devices. AI is integrated at every level of their society, with members often using chat-bots to converse with one another as they focus on other tasks, or have their day planned for them by the Machine Exemplar. Big-data is constantly used to tweak and optimize everything from starship construction to breakfast.

Though uploading one’s mind to a machine is a highly sought after technology, it is a highly controversial process that not all members support, due to the total lack of privacy involved. Those that have their memories and personality recorded onto Magnetic Assembly hardware effectively belong to the cult, after all, making the use of such technology a long-lasting moral schism.

Genetic engineering is also something that the Assembly takes an interest in, but the focus on machine-based solutions tends to be preferred to genetic engineering based approaches. While the Assembly is a leader in many fields of science, this is one they are outclassed in by the Empire of Daqin.

For full scale production of equipment, the latest management and design techniques are used. The aesthetics of the technology is usually not their main consideration, with form following function.


Exploration Ships
Support Ships



Starship Weapons





Tactical Equipment


Planetary Vehicles

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