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The Grawla are a "primitive" and unruly humanoid species native to planet Hawking.

Primitive is, of course, a relative term. The Grawla have faced down some form of extinction level event every few hundred years for as long as their recorded history goes back. Their civilization has repeatedly been destroyed and rebuilt, with their technology levels rising and falling accordingly. Their species was regarded as extinct when Humans first arrived on Hawking, and only years later was it discovered that they were merely hiding.

Space fairing civilizations have often underestimated the Grawl.


They have a long history of being invaded by other alien species, but have pulled through by becoming incredibly resilient, pragmatic, and rather brutal survivalists. Their society has grown to put a high priority on remaining unseen from above, and the relatively frequent apocalyptic events have caused a great deal of biodiversity among the Grawla.

The human colony on their world didn't even know they existed until already established, as their overhead scans would find nothing, and their more direct observation drones taking the abundant bombed-out ruins as evidence that all sentient life was extinct. The Grawla are patient, and would observe the humans as they built the colony, letting them come down to where the Grawla could get at 'em. Suddenly the humans found their townships constantly robbed or sacked at night through unexpected attacks originating from inaccessible swamps, jungles and hidden underground bunkers.

The humans would find themselves pushed back to a single colony, and would end up striking an unease peace between themselves and the nearest Grawla clan. All attempts to exterminate the Grawla using advanced technology have failed, but the human use of diplomacy was rather unexpected.

The Grawla are in possession of a great many half-understood alien vehicles and weapon-artifacts. Human technology is also rapidly being stolen and adapted to Grawla uses, with the one saving grace being that the many savage and paranoid clans are so disorganized that a proper revolt is highly unlikely.


Grawla are particularly tough and rotund creatures with big mouths, over sized teeth and log drooping ears. They can range in skin tone from dark ashen green to a muddy bright yellow. Most have wide-build bodies and are either very muscular or a bit fat, unless malnourished. Strangely, they are often either very short (3-4“ ft) or very tall (6-7ft), without much middle ground. They are generally covered in scars, tattoos, piercings. This is either to make them look 'hard', or for ritualistic purposes.


Physical Features

Grawla Eyes

Eyes are either green, yellow, red or grey, with pink or red sclera.​

Grawla Diet

They can, and will, eat almost anything vaguely organic.​

Grawla Reproduction

Grawla biology is dominated by high reproduction rates, and high child mortality. This has led to their species evolving quickly and selecting for very surviveable traits. Though Grawla culture does not put a high emphasis on hereditary bonds, it does tend to form very strong bonds between siblings.​

Grawla Senses

While they are pretty unremarkable in terms of sight/hearing/smell, they do have long ears adapted to a variety of purposes and relatively good three dimentional hearing.​

Grawla Resliance

Grawla do have many smaller redundant organs as an evolutionary quirk making them pretty hard to outright kill through violence or hardship. They also seem to have a pretty high resistance to toxic gases and environmental poisons.​

Grawla Sub Types

Due to the somewhat high frequency of extinction level events that the planet has experienced, groups of Grawla have become isolated from each other for extended periods leading to a large amount of biodiversity between the Grawla. Thus far the Humans of planet Hawking of Categorized four major sub types of Grawla.

Cave Grawla

Cave Grawla
  • Shorter, but with more strength
  • Pale white and light grey skins
  • More muscle
  • Rarer
  • Solitary
  • Weak Echolocation

Swamp Grawla

Swamp Grawla
  • Swamp Grawla (Most populous)
  • Long limbs (Maneuver through swamps, staying above the waterline)
  • Dirty and plain physiology
  • Leathery, tough skin, brown or dull green
  • Sensitive and strong legs (For detecting predators and catching prey)
  • Webbed feet (Swimming and stuff)

Ocean Grawla

Ocean Grawla
  • Tails (Mobility)
  • Whisker (Sensory organs)
  • Webbed hands and feet
  • Higher capacity lungs
  • Blues and greys, greenish in high biomass areas

Savana Grawla

Savana Grawla
  • Much bigger (Needs to be faster to compete with big game)
  • Darker brown or khaki skin (No sunburn plz)
  • Muscular and less body fat (Better cooling, needs to burrow and climb)
  • Nomadic Tribal (Not unintelligent, but prefer to remain mercenaries)


The Grawla are extraordinarily diverse. Many are extremely unruly, bad-mouthed, and uneducated, but just as many exhibit cunning, self-sufficiency, and intelligence. A Grawla can be expected to survive on their own in the wilderness, and to know the importance of hiding from eyes overhead and avoiding drawing attention to themselves. Their ragged clothes, weapons and equipment are almost always completely bodged together, salvaged or stolen. Animal skins, makeshift scale mail tunics, or bands of bone jewelry are common with those less fortunate. Depending on the region, clan and individual status, firepower can range from bows and arrows to exotic-tech plasma guns. Many will simply arm themselves with hunting knives, homemade hand cannons, bottle firebombs, knuckledusters, or simple wooden bats wrapped in barbed wire. Chemical and gas weapons are fair game, as they'll do anything to win. They also share a common fear of outsiders and it is common for Grawla to group up when presented with an outside threat...

... and a group of Grawla can be very dangerous.

Every alien invader of their homeworld has eventually met their demise through underestimating just how clever these creatures can be.


Despite all appearances, Grawla generally do not actually enjoy mindless violence, and they are not entirely without concepts of law or honour. Something they call 'Rakul's Ways' is a commonly upheld system of quasi-justice and caste system within their ranks. They not only believe that all things must either conquer or be conquered by others, but also that using the things you own effectively is the sign of a really powerful Grawla.​
'Thralls' are commonplace. Some are defeated opponents in combat who have willingly yielded, whilst others are simple vagabonds who chose a life of servitude other than starvation. The actual use is totally up to the master, ranging from using them as soldiers or bodyguards, to outright manual labour slaves, depending on their particular level of favour and any perceived crimes that may have been committed. Indeed, it's actually seen as much smarter to enthrall someone than it is to kill them; Though a stubborn or disliked individual might loose an ear, some teeth, a eye, or a hand in the 'convincing' process. Indeed, all soldiers and citizens are seen as the personal property of a specific clan boss. This is not hereditary, but Thralls that allow a boss to die under their watch are greatly distrusted and often forced to the bottom rungs of society. Despite the brutality of the system, it's generally best for both parties to keep each other alive.​
'Gear-collectors' and technology salvagers are one of the only classes of truly free entrepreneurship, having taught themselves the ins-and-outs of ancient relics either through pure luck or self-motivation. Con artists are just as common as true research savants, though. On the other hand, the crew of a vehicle are often enthralled to the vehicle itself, and will go so far as having tattoos to mark such an alignment. After all, the machine is seen as doing most of the hard work, and often being an ancient semi-repaired construct of unknown origin, is significantly harder to replace than they are. In some cases, someone may even be thralled to an artillery piece or large machine gun, functioning as either the loader or as a physical firing platform for the weapon's true owner and firer.​
The idea that nothing is hereditary completely applies to offspring. They have no family structure at all, and hold no qualms about abandoning such useless whelps into the wild. Gangs of younglings generally gather around over-the-hill old Grawla, whom they imitate to learn the basics about survival. Often this individual is quite senile, and unaware of the true age of their new 'followers'. Some might work as mercenaries, even to humans, but they see them as generally lacking in the concept of 'Rakul's Way'. In other words, it's not really a big deal if you feel like betraying them. On the other hand, they can and will try and enthrall human colonists, given the chance.​
Medical and social infrastructure is, funnily enough, entirely non-existent. The closest you can get to healthcare is by asking an engineer to build you a bionic replacement for something, but that is generally a risky prospect at best.​


The Arts is something that has always had a difficult time flourishing in Grawla society. It is known that there was a time period where Grawla art was believed to have reached its peak with beautiful architecture, statues, and elaborate paintings spread throughout Grawla cities. It is also known that most of this art was destroyed the first time aliens came to the Grawla home world. Very few examples of this art still exist.​
Modern Grawla art is based on functionality. The gratuitous waste of resources on large, elaborate, works of art is generally seen as distasteful.​
In general, Grawla art falls under one of the major Grawla art forms:​


Minimalism involves impressing people with what they can do with only a minimal amount of resources.​


The Grawla Art of drawing without it looking like drawing. Often used to pass messages to grawla in general without other people knowing​
The primary use of this form of art is to secretly pass messages to other Grawla. It can be much like a mix of Hobocode and tagging where the messages or warning symbols are integrated into the environment in such a way as to be invisible unless you know what you're looking for. Many areas on the planet that are still dangerous or harbor still-active threats are marked with hidden 'do not disturb' or 'danger' symbols by the Grawla in the area.​
This form of art can also include camouflage or disguising one thing to look like something else.​

Immortal Art

The greatest of this art is in how lasting it is. Art projects that seek to be indestructible or forever-lasting as a way to survive harsh conditions and preserve information for future generations.​
Fixing Art​
The art of fixing things using the resources at hand. This is very similar to the human art of Kintsugi​

Actual Art

There are a number of Grawla that just want to paint, convey emotions, or just make things they think look good. They are rare, and their work generally shunned as ‘a waste’. Even so there are vaults full of the stuff scattered about the planet. Generally if this kind of art is to be appreciated by people at large, it is stuff that glorifies Grawla culture and aspires to make it impossible to forget the Grawla. It may also be used as a show of power for certain Grawla Elite.​


The Grawla, in general, have a deeply rooted cultural belief that aliens are bad and space if full of threats. Though the recent arrival of the humans is certainly making some Grawla question this.​
This has manifested itself in another deep-seated cultural belief that every Grawla is responsible for helping defend the Grawla from outsiders. There is a collective aversion to using radio or any type of signal that might draw aliens. Observatories and other facilities that would help the collective defense of the planet are considered 'untouchable' by the day to day political squabbles of the Grawla. This anti-outsider mentality is so strong that Grawla will often drop all inter-clan related issues to face off against outsiders. Even those Grawla that hate one another will instinctively group up together when an alien is around. The Humans of Planet Hawking have often seen this just by entering a room of Grawla, causing them to drop everything and group together defensively.​
This aversion to the other is so strong that even the Grawla clans that have made peace with the humans only do so as long as the humans pay tribute and act as if they are the Grawla's Thralls. Letting aliens have dominion over the Grawl is unthinkable for most.​

Law & Order

There is no uniform code of conduct between all Grawla.​
But there are some general guidelines.​
Generally it is agreed not to attack/interfere with the delivery of messages. Messengers perform a dangerous job that is vital to the protection of the planet against alien invaders, and attacking a messenger can be seen as harmful or even traitorous to all Grawla. Generally it is agreed to not damage/attack observatories or other space-looking infrastructure though this isn’t a hard rule… just something they agree to generally avoid doing if possible for the same reasons as not harming messengers.​
Law in general is mostly centered around warlords or single cities. There is not a whole lot of planet-wide cooperation on law-matters.​


The Economy of the Grawla is very primitive, and tends to be based around transfer of physical material or goods. Though some cities have computers and even entire electrical systems, banking is still a very manual process that often requires transfer of manually encoded messages.​

Grawla Slang

The Grawla are a very diverse group, with a lot of variation in regional languages. Even so there are a number of slang terms that have found their way into common use amongst most Grawla tribes. This cross pollination comes from Grawla moving about the planet as part of the endless preparation for planet-wide disasters and common words picked up from the spread of Human Culture over the planet.​
See: Grawla Slang


The Grawla Clans are very diverse groups, often adopting whatever specific forms of government, organization, and techniques are needed to adapt to their environment. Though there is a general unease between Clans of all sizes, they are quite to unite against outsiders.

Black Triangles (Modon Klynt)

Formerly a squad of mercenaries that gained the possession of a mysterious alien space craft. The group rose mostly because the leader Boss Yilga used the craft's teleporter technology, combined with their own hill grawl mining experience, to extract ore and trade the resources to others. They also allied with both the human magnetic assembly and the Zoomers, expanding their influence to other planets in a way few other clans can claim.

Of course, this also makes them an object of great ire amongst more conservative clans, restricting their recruits mostly to relic hunters, social outcasts and criminals. They take pay from humans to provide security details and scouting expertise, and even prominently took part in off-planet negotiations.

It is there intention to create extra-planetary legions of power armoured soldiers and make the Grawl a nation that can stand up for itself, as equals amoungst other space faring nations... But the clan is still incredibly small and fledgling, with limited land holdings and actual science-doers. Advanced and influential, but having remained stable for little more than three years, they are very much the test case to see if Human-Grawl relations can last.

Regiment Size; Tiny (About 1,200 members including support staff.)
Demeanour; Pragmatic Mercenaries
Standard Infantry Equipment; Mixed human and grawl firearms, Zoomer power armour.
Standard Vehicles; Light trucks and tanks only- It needs to fit on spacecraft.
Leadership/Organisation; Competent, but perhaps overly ambitious.

Boomers (Rudrin Promar)

The Boomer clan is a large, short-sighted, anti-human clan that exists large in the mountain ranges to the east of the city of New Cambridge. They are the largest Nuclear-weapon producing clan on the planet, and have largely been coasting off the accomplishments of their ancestors who defeated an alien invasion long ago.

These days they are known for a xenophobic attitude and are duplicitous even the Grawla neighbours, exerting their will through stolen human small arms. They had a lot of recovered Hrufan Clan armoured crawlers at one point, but these were destroyed almost wholesale by an organised campaign of Echoni attacks.

Regiment Size; Medium (About 60,000 members.)
Demeanour; Untrustworthy Mercenaries/Raiders
Standard Infantry Equipment; Human Rifles, local axes and maces. Primitive Fur or metal plate armour.
Standard Vehicles; Local trucks and ridden animals only.
Leadership/Organisation; Poor.

Flying Mountain Clan (Clan Verne)

Occupying the mountain fortresses east of New Cambridge, they are close enough to the Human settlement to benefit from it, but no so close as to have it make up a significant portion of their trade. This leaves the clan relatively neutral in the Grawla question of how to deal with the Humans.

The clan received its name for developing the nuclear powered space cannons once used for destroying ships in space. The weapons involved digging deep holes and staging truly massive nuclear weapons at the base. The resultant blast could fling the tops of mountains into orbit... thus their name.

It later turned out that they were also experimenting with lost exophage technology in the form of the giant 'Iconman' robots- A trump card that let them rally the anti-space exploration Grawla clans to their side on masse, winning their right as the current 'head' Grawla clan.

Regiment Size; Massive (About 1,600,000 members.)
Demeanour; Cautious, technology hoarding, secretive.
Standard Infantry Equipment; The full spectrum of Grawla power armour, xeno-tech energy weapons and lost-tech. Even the standard Grawl can expect to have environmental protection gear and a high quality assault rifle.
Standard Vehicles; Iconmen, long range missile tanks, support vehicles, the works- The only thing they really lack is the APCs to carry all of their men, since they live in dense mountains anyway.
Leadership/Organisation; Good, if overly paranoid and slow to commit.

Godslayer Clan (Narco-Grawl Wastelanders)

This clan inhabits the area around the Grawla Crater. They produce a large amount of medicine and other drugs using the special growing properties of the Crater.

They got their name from their ancestors slaying a giant Grawla-eating beast. The legend of this feat has been exaggerated and retold over the years, and some of the more fanciful stories include the ancestors literally slaying a miles tall creature with a sword. In reality it is generally agreed that the beast was slain by having the Grawla in the area wear extremely poisonous clothing which killed the creature. The creature's internal ecology then dissolving into the soil and giving the crater its special properties.

Regiment Size; Small (Less than 5000 members.)
Demeanour; More jovial and friendly than you'd think. It's actually rather off-putting.
Standard Infantry Equipment; A strange combination of fur trapper gear and environmental equipment. Tend to have bolt-action rifles or crossbows, using bolts laced with natural toxins.
Standard Vehicles; Almost none. They move about by riding beast, if not simply walking.
Leadership/Organisation; None. Godslayers seem to organize themselves by what seems like a 'good hunt', and form temporary pacts only.

Hill Clan (Drochomin Zongi)

Homeland of the once-great Hrufan clan, the Hill Grawla have long since fallen from grace after a protracted war left most of their adult population decimated. The resulting brain drain and destruction of industry was not great for their future prospects, making them little more than mining barons of expansive underground forts in modern times.

They tend to be a bit more bitter and capitalism focused than other societies on Azong Fura / Hawking, but it can at least be said that their short, stocky frames are rather tough.

Regiment Size; Medium (About 900,000 members.)
Demeanour; Rather unprofessional and thuggish.
Standard Infantry Equipment; An odd combination of semi-modern firearms and medieval armour. Many carry both a bolt action rifle and a heavyweight axe or sword.
Standard Vehicles; Reasonably well equipped with tanks other tracked crawlers, albeit outdated ones.
Leadership/Organisation; Competent, but rather short-sighted and tyrannical.

Island Nomads (Tsongisgus Bromadi Clan)

Known for being extremely savage seafarers in the past, they were at some point chased to near extermination by the Hrufan Clan, before that clan itself was destroyed by Clan Stygra.

They remain rather proud of their uncivilized nature in modern times, continuing to use only very primitive technology and enjoying a nomadic, forest-dwelling lifestyle. New members are often given a choice to join them or become slaves- Though becoming a member involves bloodsport and multiple other hardships.

This makes them supreme close combat, hunting, swimming and camouflage experts, living in an environment where only the strongest survive. Some say that times are changing, however, as renewed contact with the outside world means that many are liable to become mercenaries or xenotech treasure hunters.

Regiment Size; Small (About 8000 members.)
Demeanour; Stoic, independent, hardy.
Standard Infantry Equipment; Very little other than stolen bolt-action weapons and knives/spears, in a lot of cases. Many of them wear a mix of combat fatigues and native furs.
Standard Vehicles; Nothing appart from the occasional riding beast.
Leadership/Organisation; Whilst the average trooper tends to keep to themselves, those who rise to the top are often bloodthirsty and unstable, due to the cruel nature of their society.

Money Bloodhouds (Yulo Zula, Ex-Stygya Clan)

For nearly fifty years, Guyo Stygra was the most powerful warlord of the Hill Grawla clans, using immense technical knowledge and resource management skills to outclass any and all rivals.

Rising from a small peak on the north eastern continent, Clan Stygra grew to encompass hundreds of small networked colonies. Even more lesser clans were effectively owned by the increasingly greedy and unpopular tyrant, who began to demand extortionate protection fees.
His vast armies of 'Yudo Zula', tentatively translated as Money Bloodhounds, became infamous for employing lethal ends to avenge even minor unpaid debts. With an eye for technological superiority and the resources to match it, the ranks were soon bristling with all sorts of tanks, power armour and aircraft, effectively the single largest, most advanced and organised Grawla army in known memory.

In 2311 GSC, however, the rapid expansion came to a halt when the ruler was suddenly and mysteriously poisoned to death. Clan Stygra disintegrated into splinter factions overnight, with some jumping at the chance to revolt, and others swearing by the dead Warlord's methods with near religious reverence. After all, wasn't living with the bare minimum, and uniting under one flag against all outsiders, supposed to be the Grawla way?…

Still scorned as thugs and murderers, despite the fact that they were often conscripted in the first place, many of the Yudo Zula became outcasts and wandering mercenaries in the aftermath of the collapse. They took their equipment with them; Much of the market of mass-produced weaponry available to a Grawla was spread by such dissidents, later copied and modified by local populations into some form of bizarre dysfunctional unity.

Guyo Stygra remains a controversial figure to this day. Bringing up his name is a highly effective method of starting a bar fight almost anywhere on Hawking.

Regiment Size; Medium (About 70,000 members overall), but split into smaller groups (4000ish each).
Demeanour; Mercurial. Some long for the old days, whilst others are simply stuck making a living the only way they know how.
Standard Infantry Equipment; Relatively modern flak jackets, assault rifles, and actually coordinated fatigues- Probably the closest thing the Grawla have to looking like a 'standard' army.
Standard Vehicles; Well equipped with thousands of peat-driven vehicles, tanks and aircraft. They are outclassed by outsider technology, but efficient enough and well loved by their crews.
Leadership/Organisation; Fracticious. There is a lot of infighting due to old grudges, and most regiments are kept together purely because the rest of the world holds a grudge against them.

Port Squishy (Ktronza Clan)

The Squishy clan is a trading group that has banded together for the security and operation of Port Squishy. The clan is relatively small, and uses a number of alliances with local warlords to keep from getting absorbed into larger groups.

By defending the waterways, they somehow stumbled into becoming the premere navy of set of inland lakes.

Regiment Size; Small (Less than 3000 members.).
Demeanour; Bewildered. They have no idea what they are doing, but aren't going to look a gift horse in the mouth.
Standard Infantry Equipment; Almost nothing. Pistols at best, bolas or bows and arrows at worst. Some have surplus Hrufan military fatigues, but others are known for walking around completely naked.
Standard Vehicles; Disproportionately well equipped, with lots of motorboats and gunfloaters. Rumour has it they have some battleships and small submarines, though those might be rumours.
Leadership/Organisation; Community driven. They tend to vote on things in a democratic fashion, though individuals are free to act as mercenaries for outsiders.

Waho Din Clan (Tank Hunter Monks)

The Waho Din are an ancient order of Grawla Warrior-Monks who spend their lives honing their tank hunting skills. They sell their services to other clans, and see the preservation and distribution of large creature / tank hunting methods as their reason for being.

See; Waho Din Monks

Regiment Size; Very small (Unknown, but likely less than 1000 members).
Demeanour; Secretive, seemingly rather impulsive.
Standard Infantry Equipment; Expertly manufactured tank hunting explosives, rifles, and lunge mines. They tend not to wear uniforms, blending in with other Grawla.
Standard Vehicles; None. They are vagabonds that navigate the world independently.
Leadership/Organisation; Unclear. Their order seems more obsessed with big singular kills, rather than strategic victories.

Zoomers (Azong Rondr Clan)

A relatively small clan of like minded Grawla who do not share the rest of the Grawla's aversion to space. They are united by the desire to travel the stars but found themselves trapped on Planet Hawking. They spent many years building a number of nuclear-weapon-powered spaceships, only to have the other clans were able to block delivery of the bombs needed to launch the ships.

This stalemate was finally broken in 2320 when a mercenary group known as the Triangle Boys decided to help them using their own pilfered alien ship, allowing a three-way partnership with the humans. Their fleet of ships was able to launch from the frozen southernmost continent from their launch site just south of Coldholm, a fishing city near the coast.

Despite their progress, conflict with Daqin insurgents greatly reduced their original numbers. The majority of other Grawla still fear other beings from space, and used this incident as evidence for backing the Mountain Clan in strictly regulating further space flight.

Regiment Size; Small (No more than 3000 members currently).
Demeanour; Optimistic, determined, if rather unprofessional.
Standard Infantry Equipment; Power armour, advanced railgun sidearms, some xenotech. They are hoping to claim more from other planets.
Standard Vehicles; A reasonable amount of spacecraft and crawlers are still at their disposal, though primitive by human standards.
Leadership/Organisation; Lopsided. Half of them are super idealistic, whilst half are motivated financially. The more experienced squads kind of just run themselves.

Grawla Vehicles

The Grawla use a wide variety of vehicles, usually of a fairly low technology level and often powered by liquid fuels refined from local peat deposits. The Grawla's patchy access to high technology means not all of their vehicles are as high tech as those employed by the Humans or other aliens that have come to their home-world.


'Crawler' is a generic name the Grawla use for light (generally open topped) tracked vehicles, often used for transporting small groups of Grawla around. These transports usually seat two and are powered by a liquefied-peat fuel'd engine. Often times they will also tow trailers, other crawlers, or non-mobile artillery pieces. The slang name for them is 'Git-Haulers', even though they are used to carry ammo, supplies or personal wares just as often.

Weapons are not standardized, but one or two heavy machine guns or recoilless rifles are fairly common. Smoke launchers and chaff are sometimes added on in order to assist darting away, as these vehicles are not designed for direct combat, though they are of questionable use verses modern human or alien armoured vehicles.

Stolot Type Guncrawler
Blougan Type Armored Crawler

Gun Crawlers

'Guncrawler' is a generic name the Grawla use for heavily armed and armoured tracked vehicles, aka tanks. They are intended for direct combat roles and are generally crewed by between three and five Grawla. They are very cheap and numerous compared to alien mobile armour, designed to be easy to repair and endlessly customisation. They also run on liquefied peat, which is extremely plentiful on planet Hawking.

Clans keep large numbers of various models in stock, generally only standardising new designs when they are truly large and powerful groups. Just as many belong to privately operating mercenaries and scavengers.

Gifrung Type Guncrawler
Yorugan Type Guncrawler
Garu YourganType Guncrawler
Bicun Type Guncrawler
Branong Type Guncrawler

Gun Floaters

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