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Planet Hawking
Hawking is a terrestrial world at the edge of the Human Sphere populated by a sentient, technological, race that has pre-dated Humanity's colony efforts in the system.

Stellar Radius:1.25 AU's from the star
Surface Gravity:0.98 g
Length of Day:25.8 hours
Length of Year:420 days
Population:35 million humans
~5 billion Grawla
Satellites:1 moon (Steven)
Orbital Stations:Few, with lots of debris in low-mid orbits
Affiliations:The Magnetic Assembly

Though Hawking was settled in 2191 by the American Union, the planet itself has long since belonged to its native population, the Grawla. Since as far back recorded Grawla history, powerful alien forces have tried to conquer the planet. They have used force of arms, killer robots, even planet wide nuclear bombardment to do so. Though sometimes this occupation has lasted several lifetimes, the Grawla have always prevailed… eventually.

By 2190, the Grawla society had developed a mash-up of technologies, cultures, and societies from the leftovers of their previous invaders. When humanity arrived, they mostly kept to their colony on the west, and sought peaceful, diplomatic, relations with the Grawla. While this has resulting in Grawla society mostly leaving humanity alone there is still a large amount of conflict between humanity and more hardline Grawla.

Continents and Landmarks


The majority of the planet's surface is covered by water, with the rest covered by either dense vegetation near the equator or ice sheets over the planet's poles. From space, only the small area carved out by humanity is easily identified as civilization. The planet's natives, the Grawla, inhabit the rest of the planet and have developed a culture of hiding their society from prying eyes in space.

Native Creatures and Planet Life

The planet Hawking has a large amount of biodiversity and Biomass. This is largely because of the relatively frequent extinction events that occur due to alien invaders. The history of the planet has included extinction level events every few thousand years, which has resulting in the planet's biomass having developed the ability to survive, adapt, and grow back even in nearly impossible situations. Its jungles are hard to clear, and wildlife difficult to remove.


For the humans on the planet, the infrastructure of planet hawking is not very well developed outside of the city of New Cambridge. While there are scattered human facilities out among the planet including deep in the forests and on islands, these facilities are only really accessible by aircraft or boat.

The majority of the tropical landmass of the planet conceals the infrastructure of the Grawla. The Grawla themselves are made up of numerous groups and not all of their infrastructure is interconnected, however there are a large number of hidden power distribution, communications, and other infrastructure systems hidden in the forests. There are a number of semi-hidden roadways, but for the most part their infrastructure is designed not to be seen from space. If the Grawla are not using their small number of flying craft, it can take weeks or months for the Grawla to travel from one end of their territory to the other.


Hawking has weather that would be similar to that experienced on earth with a wide range of biomes and seasonal cycles that change based on distance from the equator.


The orbital space around the planet Hawking is clearer than most planets that house a Human population. Satellites in low orbit tend to make for easy targets for the Grawla on the surface, and atmospheric drag quickly de-orbits the clutter. The only long lasting Satellites of Hawking are its moon, a small cluster of human-built satellites in geostationary orbit above New Cambridge, and various debris from asteroids or possibly Aliyum craft that are in too high an orbit to decay down to the surface.
  • Stephen (Moon)


  • ~2000 Attack on the Grawla Crater
  • ~2000 Aliyums leave robots on Azathoth
  • ~2100 Aliyum Invasion
  • 2190 Human Colonists arrive on Hawking
  • 2318 New Cambridge River Incident
  • 2319 AUS Pandora Incident
  • 2319 The International Summit
  • 2320 Near Years Revolution

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