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The second planet settled by the American Union. Atlantic is an abyssal world that is mostly water broken up by scattered islands.

Stellar Radius:1.45 AU's from the star
Surface Gravity:0.95 g
Length of Day:32 hours
Length of Year:452 days
Population:192 million humans
Orbital Stations:Few
Affiliations:The Magnetic Assembly, American Union, Atlantica Colonial Administration

Atlantica was colonized in 2131 as part of a major land rush from earth to claim habitable worlds as faster than light travel to worlds became safer, and return trips started to become possible do to the finding of the exotic materials needed to build SLE systems.

Despite the promise of finding such a world with only primitive life and an oxygen rich environment, the development of the colony's infrastructure was notoriously mismanaged with a focus placed on planetary infrastructure at the start, ignoring the critical space-infrastructure needed to develop the rest of the star system. Poor management practices have also extensively contaminated the natural biosphere with bacteria and life-forms from earth.

The world's strategic position as the crossroads between the Homeworld of Sol, the Magnetic Assembly in the Hawking system, and the Daqin's own home system would see Atlantica become a battleground after the New Years Revolution in 2320. Magnetic Assembly forces would destroy the American Union's facilities planetside, and take to the seas with submarines. They would avoid claiming territory on the planet, though groups sympathetic to their cause still shelter their machines. Following the Armistice of 2321, it is still unclear as to whom the various settlements on Atlantica belong.

Native Creatures and Planet Life

Atlantica appears to have undergone a great oxidization event only 20-30 million years ago. As such the lifeforms on the planet are rarely more complex than cyanobacteria and other algae like plants.

Precautions are in place to prevent earth-life from contaminating the biosphere but these are often insufficient to prevent contamination. Bacteria, Fish, and Plant life often leak out into the environment though without a supporting ecosystem they are usually quick to die off.

Earth-algae blooms near trash dumping sites are common.


When compared to earth, Atlantica is a stormy planet. The large amount of water present on the surface provides storms ample opportunity to grow. Most of the planet experiences a stormy season, and a calm season. While the calm season can still be quite stormy by earth standards, rainstorms during the stormy season can last for weeks.



The Capitol city of Atlantica, a sprawling city that covers most of the island landmass that it sits ontop of. The city houses not only the government buildings, but also the shipyards for Atlantica Electromotive, and the major military base for the former American Union 6th fleet.

Originally named "Newestyork" by the first wave survey team, this name was later changed by the Atlantica Colonial Administration on the grounds that 'We can't call it that'.

Higashikata Platform

An industrial mining and fishing platform located near the equator of Atlantica. It houses Tonio’s Italian Restaurant, which provides the best Italian-like food you can get on the platform and a small local security group to help guard the fishing environments and mining concerns of the platform.


Named for the place where floating-islands were pioneered on earth, the Maldives revers to any large floating island on Atlantica. Hundreds of these small islands have been constructed around the planet to give human colonists living space.


A city that houses a large water purification planet

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