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The SEER project, an acronym for Sylphian Exotic Elements Research, is a Hawking-based biotechnical division. They research ancient alien technologies that have been uncovered from the many prehistoric invasions of the planet, and actively produce and sell androids that use this technology, such as the Echoni E2 and E4 models.

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Though they were absorbed by the Magnetic Assembly during the New Years Revolution, they have retained a great deal of independence due to mutual goals of transhumanism and extra-dimensional research.


Founded in 2280 as a subsidiary of the American Union biomechanics company Sylphian, the company began life simply as just another group of colonists hoarding as much alien technology as they could get their hands on. Certain chance discoveries had their products skewed towards new organic methods of power production, though they also created robotic combat drones in order to remain financially viable (and fight off the constant raids by the native Grawla species).

By 2295, the isolated but interesting company had managed to attract some scientists with transhumanist interests such as Caxia and Doris Muller, rapidly changing the companies' direction from making money to outright fabricating superhuman beings and peeling back the veil of reality using such creations. It was these scientists specifically that rebelled against company orders and set in motion a chain of events that would sever the subsidiary from it's host body, and use the new 'Echoni' soldiers to actively engage in military action against occupying alliance elements.

SEER continues to exist as a part of the Magnetic Assembly and is currently finding ways to covert their Exophage technology for human use, with mixed results.


The crowning technological achievement of SEER, the Exophages are a microscopic genetically engineered organism that produces tremendous power. Existing in several temporal and dimensional states at once, they can be commanded to absorb and project ambient energy for a wide array of highly destructive, almost magic-like effects.

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In truth, the Exophages are actually a copy of an exotic alien microbe dubbed X-52, at first thought to be some kind of radioactive bacteria. The modern Exophages still possess many of the same mysterious and difficult to control properties, such as requiring a living body to operate inside, but being lethal to standard unmodified human beings. Echoni units had to be modified with alien DNA to withstand the effects, but can now project amazing feats like telekinesis, beams of exotic energy, or even teleportation. Even then, the risk of damage to the unit can be extreme and filled with many unwanted side-effects.

None the less, SEER is currently working on 'Exophage cartridges' that can be inserted into the limbs of specially modified human cyborgs, both as power sources, and to allow them to temporarily access some of the same effects.


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