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S5 Series Starship

S5 Series Starship


Pictured: S5 formation in transit to Reiss

The S5 is a purpose built laser-armed drone designed to be launched and recovered from a containerized component module.


Name: S5
Operators: Magnetic Assembly (MA)
Manufacturer: Magnetic Assembly (MA)

Length (Main Body): 9 Meters
Diameter (Main Body): 2 Meters

Crew: 0

Propulsion: Small Aneutronic Fusion Drive

Sensors or Armament: x3 Electro-optical/thermal cameras in the nose



Pictured: S5 from 2311 with wings retracted and deployed

The S5 was developed early into the containerized component modules program to fill the role of 'container launched attack drone' in 2311, and it would be retroactively given the name S5 in 2318 to better fit with naming conventions.

The design itself was originally rushed, more to fill a requirement than to satisfy a true need. It wasn't designed with a specific range in mind or a specific target to attack. It was decided that the flight profile should try and match conventional missiles at the time, making it great for one way trips but dramatically reducing the range if the ship intends to be recovered by its launcher. Similarly, the laser and cooling system were based more on what would fit in the drone rather than for a specific target. This makes the laser output rather limited, but useful in large numbers or against soft targets.

The design would remain relatively unchanged until hostilities between the Magnetic Assembly and American Union started in 2320. The S5 would prove valuable in missile-escort operations, helping clear out long-range enemy countermeasures and disabling anti-missile targeting systems on the way to impacting enemy ships. This would see some renewed interest in the ship and various modernization initiatives launched to bring the S5's capabilities more up to date.



Pictured: 2320 S5 with housing container

The S5 drone's nose contains three electro-optical sensors as well as the electronics and control systems for the drone. The payload area of the drone houses the two fold out wings as well as the drone's fuel supply. The fold out wings contain the focusing optics for the drone's laser on one side, and a radiator system on the other. Additional equipment is stored behind this payload section, followed by the reactor and engine system.

The drone itself uses gyroscopes and a gimbled engine nozzle for directional control, making it not well suited for fine maneuvering. This requires the container drone have a grabbing surface that can reach out and orient the drone so that the container can grab onto the nozzle and pull it inside for recovery.

The interior of the container is capable of refueling the drone, and performing basic maintenance including cleaning and patching of small holes using small mechanical arms on one side of the interior and a rotating base plate to orient the drone so that the required 'side' is facing towards the limb-equipped side of the container. Extendable padded grips are also used to hold the drone steady while the container is being moved.

The container and drone are not designed for use in atmosphere.

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