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The Echoni are a series of biological weapons unique to Project SEER, currently operating only on hawking.


For detailed information, start here: E-4 Echoni Operations Manual

They are incredibly variable in design due to the project still being in it's test phase, but individual units generally resemble humanoid females with some rather savage animalistic features, oddly coloured skin, or sometimes heavy cyborgizations. On the surface, they were fabricated as part of a military contract to fight alien species on equal footing, but the Echoni were also created with the idea of researching biological power sources, leading them to develop incredibly potent magic-style abilities at times.

Massive problems with teaching these artificial beings teamwork, or even basic human morality, has severely slowed down their development process as an actual fighting unit. Only time will tell if Project SEER actually makes it past the year GSC 2319.

Cultural Trivia

Creating a demonic bio-weapon seems like a great idea, until you need to raise it…

  • The first batch of Echoni was constructed in GSC 2309, only ten years ago.
  • They are actually fabricated at a specific age in bodily terms, but the mind can still take time to catch up. Generally, they can be quite inexperienced and childish.
  • Their magical abilities are highly unstable and dangerous, even to themselves; This is the reason why so many of them also have cybernetic limbs!
  • Currently, they aren't really allowed to roam free or hold jobs. Most are still being trained in a massive facility on Hawking called 'Concourse Alpha'.
  • Technically speaking they are the E-4 Model Echoni, with the earlier versions being more like bio-computers and truly mindless murderbots. It is no surprise that the local populace still pretty much sees them as this.
  • There are less than a thousand in existence, including said earlier models. The project is still in early days yet!


The Echoni are, in essence, genetically modified humans with select alien traits. The specifics tend to get lost in the mix, or are outright classified, however… SEER is a for-profit organisation, after all!


  • There are no real set rules to what a Echoni should specialize in, but their abilities are often designed with a singular military skew; Extreme strength, speed, stealth, weaponized magic, e.t.c.
  • Many aren't all that psychologically stable. It's hard being an outsider. They can have quite the range of personalities other than that, though, and may *not* be particularly military-minded.
  • Some individuals have rather bold geometric skin markings specifically to designate their dangerous abilities from others.

Further Information

Considering joining Project SEER, and becoming involved in pushing the boundaries of humanoid physical limitations?
Ask a recruiter for a copy of the E-4 Echoni Operations Manual today!

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