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Though the ship is intended for Geological Survey work, and is largely automated, it is not often that the ship gets to be used for its original purpose. After the New Years Revolution operation of the ship has fallen to The Magnetic Assembly and the Provisional Fleet. The operations staff of the ship are pulled from the ranks of the Provisional fleet. The ship itself is often assigned to an Exemplar of the Magnetic Assembly who will bring their own staff of mission specialists.


If you're interested in joining this plot, see the edward deming: new player guide.

Or if you're looking for former characters See: Edward Deming Former Crew


After the New Years Revolution on Hawking, the Edward Deming and its crew ended up with new leadership: The local city government of Hawking and the growing Magnetic Assembly Nation-State. The representatives of these organizations are the ones providing the overall objectives for the Edward Deming, managing the higher-level projects that make use of the ship, and managing the interactions with resources outside of the ship. While these individuals don't always reside onboard the ship, they can often be found there.


In charge of the ship, its crew, and completing the mission. The ship's captain is responsible for everything going on, and is the one trusted with making the tough calls.


Assigned to the ship itself, and technically under assignment by the Executive Council of New Cambridge. The operations staff are responsible for handling the coordination of specific missions that have been assigned to the ship. This will often include an Operations Lead responsible for coordinating everything, and a number of mission specialists who are brought onboard for their specific set of skills.

Science Team

The science-team of the Edward Deming has been consistently growing in size, and this includes a range of specialists that often rotate in when requested by leadership. This team has space dedicated to long term labs for them to use, and often will remain on the ship even if they are not required for a particular mission.


Signals-team is responsible for the wide range of electronic spectrum operations conducted by the Edward Deming. For the more mundane missions this includes establishing communications networks around planetary bodies, placing drones or other relay systems to support those networks, and ensuring the ship is supplied with the communications equipment it will need for expeditionary operations. Less-typical operations include electronic support like jamming or systems penetration.
  • Mari O'nett - Signals Lead - Electronic Systems Penetration Expert - NPC


The Logistics division of the ship is responsible for long term sustainment of ship operations. This includes all the materials the ship requires including food, personal equipment, vehicles, and any mission-specific hardware required. Logistics is also responsible for the long term supply of that equipment for the ship which expands their responsibilities to include coordinating manufacturing of equipment on Rotislav, creation of warehouses or other manufacturing, and the leasing of port facilities to use throughout the Human Sphere.

  • Minal - Logistics Lead - NPC


The Edward Deming is an ancient ship that has been continually modernized, serving as a testbed for many of the modular systems that would go on to make up the fleet of the Magnetic Assembly. Heram Wazu would dramatically expand the role of the engineering department of the ship to include extensive design and manufacturing responsibilities in addition to keeping the ship running.


The Grawla are natives of the Planet Hawking, and have taken their first steps into space on nuclear-bomb-powered-spacecraft. Their first steps immediately being overshadowed by the arrival of Azathoth, causing them to seek out an uneasy alliance with the Ewmans. These Grawla are assigned to the Edward Deming as part of the River-City Agreement that outlines how the Humans and Grawla will work together in regards to space-based operations
  • Itaine - Captain of Grawla Orion-Drive ship that landed on Azathoth - NPC
  • Eedded - Zoomer Systems Engineer - NPC
  • Swrujuhi (Swru) - Islander Xenohunter / Treasure / Folklore hoarder
  • Palzurna - Dorky Xenomechanist / Engineer Gremlin
  • Ascal Gristle - Soldiery Type
  • Slog - Grawla Ranger of the Nothern Islands
  • Yoltchis - Old Man Xenohunter / Scientist - NPC
  • Glaztonz (Glaz) - Long time Black Triangle Soldier, kinda dumb but faithful lad - NPC
  • Echka - Sub-Khan of the Zavul Iconman Clan
  • Nur - Zoomer Guncrawler Gunner - NPC
  • Ine - Anti-Tank Monk - NPC

Optionally Assigned Units


The Edward Deming has an increasing number of Echoni assigned to it. These Echoni are often rotated out as the needs of the Echoni program evolve, but can found onboard the ship from time to time.


Green-Squad is former American-Union marine unit that had been assigned to the Edward Deming. The unit would largely be broken up after the New Years Revolution on Hawking, with many members being moved into training and leadership roles within the new government to help with forming a more coherent military force. Members of the squad are still sometimes assigned to the ship or Marshal service.

Other Characters

Not members of the crew, but people who have shown up during the course of the plot

American Union

  • Ein - Aspiring Corpo
  • May Wong - Chinese-American Corpo Liason between Stellar and the HFR.


  • Davina Dabloons - Smuggler/Coyote operating out of the northern seas of Atlantica
  • Yun - One of the leaders of the Planter's Association on Atlantica


  • Korui Hoshiko - Instigator of problems, and the Daqin that set the New Years Revolution in motion by threatening the Adlets.
  • Sakamoto Hina - Daqin merchant, who has had run-ins with Heram Wazu and Caxia.
  • The Lady of the Lake - Daqin Agitator
  • Jan Jian - Daqin Caretaker. First Class, Ox type.
  • Jìyì Supergrass - Rebellious Daqin Princess
  • Xian Leang ( 賢凌 ) - Daqin General, First among Equals of the Five Tigers. Name can be read as Worthy Approach, Worthy Insult, or Worthy Tower.
  • Bài thơ Shítou aka 'The Legal Beagle!'

Magnetic Assembly

Triangle Boys

A group of Grawla that have formed around Yilga and the Aliyum starship that listens to her. The ship is triangular, thus the name. They are currently working with the Grawla Zoomer clan and sometimes help with ferrying supples between Hawking and Azathoth
  • Taykk - Small Grawl, untrustworthy
  • Yilga - Leader of the Triangle Boys, the triangle listens to her.

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