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====Personnel Registry====

Dr. Caxia

Biographical information
Yelton Veda
Physical description

Glowing and Red
Political Information
The Magnetic Assembly

Out-of-Character Information

-Physical Description-

Caxia is a High-Cyborg, with their biological components housed inside of a life-pod in the center of the robotic body, allowing them to easily swap out other components.

Traditionally their body is made up of a head module with sensor systems located all around the disk like head. A small neck connects this to the body which usually has eight arms spaced out around the cylindrical mid-section. Typically three legs support the body's weight but Caxia is often seen using three lightweight lander-legs and an anti-gravity donut like system to float about.

-Personality Description-

Caxia has fully embraced the Magnetic Assembly and its drive to improve oneself, willingly and eagerly giving their body over the cybernetic enhancement. This certainty is carried with Caxia, making them decisive and firm.

Caxia is intelligent, logical, and calculating. They will be eager to encourage others to improve themselves and will often guide them towards the path of cybernetic enhancement. They also make little excuse for disregarding those who don't see the value in change. Caxia also uses a very simplistic method of conveying emotion and approval, employing a very stern, masculine, paternal voice when trying to discipline the Echoni and a softer, more maternal, voice when rewarding the Echoni.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ Master of Automation

+ Extremely Intelligent

+ Space capable, highly-durable, body

- Uninterested in most people

- Strong Willed

- Unburdened by Humanity


Caxia's old life is only a distant memory. You study to learn, you work out to get fit. If you could take a supplement or a drug to improve both why wouldn't you? If your limitations are your own body then get a better one.

Caxia is a Champion of the High-Cyborg lifestyle within the Magnetic Assembly, and part of the many who upgraded their bodies to work in hostile environments.

By 2318 Caxia had long sense been an Exemplar within the Magnetic Assembly. Caxia had participated with the Echoni program since the early days and has been very active within the Magnetic Assembly's various projects. Often working remotely, and sometimes taking an interest in personally visiting a project site, Caxia has been all over the Hawking Star System and works closely with Dr. Dorris Muller on the Echoni project.

Caxia is one of the leading experts within the Assembly on memory-transfer technology, biology to machine interfaces, and xeno-behaviorial studies.

In 2319 Caxia would take part in the Edward Deming's relief expedition to monitor the effectiveness of the Echoni. Then in 2320 Caxia would take place in the New Years Revolution on Hawking, acting as the Assembly's Mouthpiece to deliver their message of disapproval and defiance of the Union during Operation Trustfall. Caxia would later take part in the defense of Reiss, encouraging Dr. Knowledgebot to consider upgrading his body to depart more from the human form, coaxing the Dr.into using a drone starship as their new body to give them a taste of such things.

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