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Eedded Syssm

Biographical information
Colholm 2293 30
Physical description
Grawla Mountain Grawl Female 6" 2' 180lbs Black Blue-grey Grey-Green
Political Information
Zoomer Clan, River City Agreement Engineer Put any other Names and Titles they go by here
Out-of-Character Information
Uso 2021

Eedded is a member of the Zoomer Clan who sought to explore space. While the clan they were a part of had constructed an orion-drive spaceship near the south pole of Hawking, and had built space suits that they wore constantly to get into practice, they were unable to secure the nuclear weapons needed to power the ship.

Prior to the arrive of Azathoth in 2329, the Zoomer clan would finally be able to get the bombs they needed to power their craft and travel into a high orbit around Hawking with plans to show the other Grawl that Space Travel would not lead to their destruction... however the approaching Aliyum planetoid would instead lead to outrage, with many Grawl thinking that the Zoomer's ship had caused the Aliyums to return. The Zoomers would decide to fly to Azathoth, and attempt to blow it up using their ship's nuclear weapons.

Eedded would be the first Grawl to lead an exploration party into Azathoth, carrying a nuclear bomb into the shell-world with the intent of finding a sufficently vulnerable place to detonate it. Her team would come across a spinning artificial gravity ring inside of the shell world, and it was here her party would be caught up to by the crew of the Edward Deming who would convince the Grawl not to stay behind and blow up both herself and the planet.

She would work with the crew of the ED to stop Daqin attackers who were looking to keep Azathoth out of the hands of the Assembly and kill the Grawla onboard at the same time.

She would end up being one of the survivors of the Zoomer expedition to Azathoth, and upon return to Hawking would help negotiate the River City Agreement, functioning as a go between for the Zoomers, the Humans, and the planet-bound Grawl-clans.


Prior to Azathoth, Eedded was an image of an ideal Grawla. A firm beleiver in her Clan's mission, self-sacrificing, clever, prepared, and still willing to take risks.

After Azathoth, Eedded is a pile of PTSD and struggles with squaring the massive amounts of risk her life has with her desire to not die.


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