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Biographical information
Fuminsho Station 2297 25
Physical description
Human Low Cyborg Female 6" 160 lbs Pale Green Grey Pale/adjustable
Political Information
Magnetic Assembly, Letters Testamentary, Emphemeralists Xenotech Researcher
Out-of-Character Information
Uso 2322

Xoana is a descendent of one of the original owners of Yelton Veda who died during shortly after the formation of the Machine Exemplar. She has dedicated her life to building a new AI to challenge the Machine Exemplar and restore her family's legacy to her. She is considered a bit eccentric, and isn't fully in control of herself.


Xoana's energy comes and goes easily as things either interest her or leave her bored. Her current mood is often expressed very clearly, and she carries with her a confidence that can often make it difficult for her to hide what she is thinking. It is very easy for her to cross into annoyance at the feeling of being slighted, as she feels she is owed quite a lot that was taken from her by the Machine Exemplar.


Xoana is superstitious, and often wears trinkets that are supposed to provide good vibes.

She has shoulder-length pale-green hair that frames her face with spiral curls.

Though she has pale skin, high DPI color-changing cells let her adjust her appearance at will, often leaving her arms to be a deep midnight color with geometric white lines displayed across them. Small gold inlay just under the skin runs down her arms as a subtle power-transmission mechanism that also has some aesthetic flair.

  • Build: Toned
  • Facial Features:
  • Hair Style: shoulder length green spirals on either side of her face
  • Distinguishing Features: Thin gold inlay under the skin running down her arms and legs


Xoana was born in 2297 in Fuminsho Station, with schooling, cybernetic augmentation, and employment dictated by the Letters Testamentary until she turned 21, at which point she was allowed to explore other employment options so long as she worked towards the return of Yelton Veda to the Letters Testamentary. To this end she would end up studying Xenotechnology, getting under-the-table payments from SEER to investigate artifacts on the planet Hawking.


+ Well Funded
+ Strength and Agility enhancements

- Superstitious
- Bound to follow the requests of the Letters Testamentary

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