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Somnya Srilin

====Personnel Registry====

-Physical Description-

Somnya is a well toned soldier who takes great care in maintaining a proper muscle to fat ratio. She remains slim and has a strong focus on cardio. She lost her left arm when she was a child during the Daqin supression of the Aos Si, and has chosen to continuing using a mechanical prosthetic.

In terms of fashion, her deep purple hair is typically pulled back into a high and tight bun to keep it out of her eyes. Her mechanical arm is typically a matte black suitable for military use, with asthetic engraving along the exterior.

-Personality Description-

Somnya is a by the books, authratative, leader. She has personally seen the diasterous Aos si response to the Daqin, and has internalized the need for strong leadership to head off genocidal disasters. She does not hesitate to call out the failings of those under her when they need to improve, and is always quick to enforce order.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ Authoritative
+ Decisive
+ Professional Officer

- Only a mid-level soldier
- Not particularly familiar with elven history or culture
- Only following orders


Somnya's parents were separated during the Daqin suppression of the Aos si population of Tiāntáng, leaving her father to raise her himself. As soon as he was able, Somnya's father would migrate to the Human Sphere and end up in the American Union. Lacking many career options as an immigrant, Somnya would end up enlisting in the military.

After the trauma of Tiāntáng, she would take to the structured life of the career soldier, slowly making her way to through the ranks until officially getting her citizenship after a few decades and finally became an enlisted officer. At this point her authoritative command style saw her quickly rise through the ranks until reaching Captain at which point her career started to stall.

She would end up crossing paths with Heram Wazu, and her professionalism would leave an impression on him. This would result in him requesting her to take over as Captain of the Edward Deming after the problematic international summit where the Deming's clear lack of leadership led to an increasing number of problems. Somnya was tasked with bringing order to the ship and was generally seen as being successful in this regard.

In the lead up to the New Years Revolution, the Magnetic Assembly's big data operations determined that Somnya was unlikely to side with The Magnetic Assembly and New Cambridge. She would be sidelined, assigned to the largest warship in system the Amicus Curiae and left out of planning for the upcoming movements. She independently caught on to the Magnetic Assembly's plot, and started to make moves against them, securing ships that were intended to be decommissioned at Rotislav by order of the Union, under the impression that whatever they were planning involved taking these ships. Somnya was caught off guard by the scale and swiftness of the New Years Revolution, and would be arrested by her previous right hand man: Geiben Folami.

For the first few months of 2320 she would be confined to her living space in New Cambridge, and would work to get American Union prisoners released through the proper channels. Then in mid 2320 Heram Wazu would again offer her command of the now MAS Amicus Curiae to defend the newly arrived planetoid Azathoth against the Empire of Daqin in hopes this setup would start to bring her to their side.



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