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Quarum Wazu

Quarum Wazu

Biographical information
2282 38
Physical description
Human Low Cyborg Female 6' 2" 180 lbs dark brown grey paleish
Political Information
New Cambridge Head of Prospective Xeno-Anthropology
Out-of-Character Information

====Personnel Registry====

-Physical Description-

While Quarum isn't over weight, she certainly doesn't stick to physical fitness requirements that those in the military might have to. Her outfits tend to emphasise comfort, and skew more towards hoodies and pajama pants as well as shoes that are easy to slip on like flip flops. Her hair is similarly messy, and often just brushed back or loosely pulled back by a scrunchie.

-Personality Description-

Quarum enjoys being comfortable, though this is often at odds with her curiosity and often her desire not to be a drain on anyone else. This often results into her not holding on too tightly to personal realtionships, and just sorta drifting from thing to thing that holds her interest when not trying to maximize her Computer/TV/Sleep time. At her best, she is friendly and easy going.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ Knows a lot of random trivia
+ Familiar with the inner workings of New Cambridge University
+ Exploratory

- Can't handle weapons
- Will go out of her way to avoid discomfort
- Only Human


Quarum would find that University life suited her really well. The low pressure learning environment where her living needs were taken care of while she spent her time studying seemed fantastic so she never really left. In order to maintain her standard of living she found she needed to further her career inside of New Cambridge University, and she would end up joining various expiditions both out into Hawking as well as the unexplored universe at large.

This would eventually lead her to heading up a new department: Prospective Xeno-Anthropology. She quickly found herself to be the expert on 'guessing as to what alien species might have for their culture', and generally found such guessing to be a lot of fun. Her talents in educated guesses would continue to see her sought out for her brother's expiditions into the unknown.

Edward Deming, Book 0: Redux

CE 2318,

Heram Wazu used his own money to fund an expedition to [REDACTED]. The expected duration of the operation was 6 months, with most of the time being devoted to travel. The Science team and their marine escort would be kept in Cryo-sleep for the majority of the trip. Eager to get started, Quarum would head to the planet early. This was mostly so that she could get access to the ice-cream stored in the prefabricated structure. [REDACTED]

Edward Deming, Book 1-3:

Quarum would occationally spend time on board the Edward Deming, and would return to her post at New Cambridge University prior to the New Years Revolution. A few months later she would be abducted by the Grawla during an expidition to the Grawla Crater, and ransomed back with the hope of obtaining starships for use against the newly arrived Azathoth by local Grawla clans.

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