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Xian Leang

Biographical information
Pínqióng 2272 50
Physical description
Daqin Tiger Type Female 6"4' 180lbs Honey Redish Brown Honey
Political Information
Daqin Empire Shàngjiàng First among Equals of the Five Tiger Generals and Fist of the Empress
Out-of-Character Information
Uso When did you make this character?

A professional soldier that exudes honor and confidence. Xian Leang caries herself as a noble warrior, though this hides her eager bloodlust and affinity for violence.


Xian Leang portrays herself as the ideal Soldier of the Empire, authoritative, honorable, and uncompromising. Just under the surface she craves adventure and violence, jumping at the opportunity to take direct action. She never plans more than a few steps ahead, trusting in her instincts and 'innate Daqin superiority' to carry her through. A little bit of excitement is often enough to show the cracks in her surface performance, and let her boastful frenzy show through.


Xian Leang's body is designed to exude Daqin superiority, tall, broad shouldered, and with a mixture of muscle tone and curvature to blend sex appeal and a powerful authoritarian vibe.

  • Build: Athletic
  • Facial Features: What's the shape of their face? Do they have a huge nose? A little one? Maybe a strong chin? Is there some disfiguring scar from their great enemy that comes with a huge backstory?
  • Hair Style: What color is their hair? What style do they have it in? Maybe a short bob cut? Long and flowing? Pigtails? Maybe some dreadlocks? Or are they bald now?
  • Distinguishing Features: Are there any neat features to their appearance? Like, maybe some tail feathers? Horns on their head? A tattoo on their cheek? Maybe it's even a lack of certain features? Missing a nose maybe?


Xian Leang was born during a time where Zhùlǐ Dānwèi Sì was positioning herself as 'The Mother Empress', which helped instill a fanatical loyalty from an early age.

When she was old enough to join the military, she immediately volunteered for anything that was asked of her. She would strike the perfect balance of always being available to make connections without being so indispensable that she either had to remain in a particular job or seem like a threat to superior officers. This knack for promotion would lead her to be the youngest Tiger-general in the empire, using her aggression to win glory in combat and her political talents to keep herself positioned as a person that the powers at be want to have in charge. For the Empress, her fanatical devotion is what earns her support while other factions within the Daqin Empire see her as the least objectionable first among the five tiger generals that all have their own kingmaker ambitions.

When the Mother Empress was arrested by the HFR during the international summit of 2322, she was the first of the five Tiger Generals to mobilize her forces and make the journey to the Sol System. Though her forces were the smallest in number of the Daqin, this worked in her favor as it was easier to organize a smaller force for such an operation. While the other Generals were planning out how to conduct an interstellar operation of this magnitude, Xian Leang was already rushing ahead. While some viewed this as a rush to secure glory for herself, other generals viewed an attack into the Sol system as a suicidal undertaking.

When her forces arrived in Sol, they managed to evade the HFR's initial deep-space force, and win a dramatic engagement

OOC Notes

Daqin General, First among Equals of the Five Tigers. Name can be read as Worthy Approach, Worthy Insult, or Worthy Tower.

In command of the Wéi Wèi ( 圍魏 ) or Seige of Wèi, named for one of the 36 strategies.

Starship Combat


Xian Leang is a skilled leader in void-combat. She is better than average, and knows enough to avoid unwinnable battles and exploit advantages. She does have enough technical knowledge of her ships to occasionally come up with tactical plans.

Her eagerness to rush in helps her win battles just as often as it leaves her overstretched and without an exit strategy.

Though she may have supreme confidence in herself, she lacks the in depth technical knowledge and strategic-scale skill to be one of the truly great leaders.

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