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====Personnel Registry====

Name: 8174 aka “Purple"
Born: 2320
Gender: Female
Nationality: Echoni
Occupation: Bioweapon
Originator Code: Uso

-Physical Description-

444 has a lean body with dense muscle. She has been seen with her deep purple hair usually cut just above the shoulder. Her eyes have been replaced with a metal visor component, and her elven ears distinguish her from a normal humanoid. She stands about 5 foot 9 and lacks any cosmetic markings such as piercings or tattoos.

-Personality Description-

8174 originally presented as fairly passive and curious. Following an incident during testing where extensive damage was done to her ears and arms 8174 became highly obedient, unwilling to do whatever she was told and only what she was told to do by others. It is thought that she is afraid that disobedience will result in another damaging incident. She still seems to harbor some difficulties with understanding, and appears to have latched onto unit 444 as her 'leader'. She now follows 444's instructions to the letter.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ Extremely strong, fast, and durable.
+ Highly capable with her few exophageic abilities
+ Follows instructions to the letter

- Unwilling to take independent action
- Not easy to communicate with
- Follows instructions to the letter

-Service Notes-


Internal service notes are AUTHORIZATION LEVEL ORANGE. Do not share with unauthorized personnel.

- Dr. Barkley Note #1

The initial boot-sequence for 8174 went as expected, and she is on track to developing her cognitive skills early and appears to have above average curiosity. She has shown a willingness to spend extended time with the training robots when exposed to them.


Hardened Formative Learning and Instructional unit 'Trinket'

- Dr. Barkley Note #2

This unit is on track to be one of the fastest to start responding to commands and interaction with the science team. Abilities are already starting to manifest and I've requested that she be entered in for testing early to keep up with her development.

- Dr. Caxia Note #1

- Extensive damage to unit from testing.
- Unit placed in medical.

- Dr. Caxia Note #2

- Unit to be moved to storage.

- Dr. Caxia Note #3

- Dorris has requested time with this unit.
+ Transferring it to her care.

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