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Biographical information
Concourse Alpha, Hawking GSC 2311 2
Physical description
Echoni E-4-2 “HIGH-DEVIL” Female 5'10" (180cm) 230 lb (104 kg) Mostly white with streaks of black Bright, Glowing pink Pale white
Political Information
Hawking Military Special Operations Division, Project SEER, The Edward Demming Bioweapon None Currently
Out-of-Character Information
Lamb 5/29/22

101 is a relatively old Echoni, at 7 years old. However, you would probably never know her true age this simply by looking at her or interacting with her. Physically, she appears to be about 19 or 20, and she is extremely intelligent, with a near encyclopedic knowledge of things that interest her.

- - Psychology Review - -

This unit has a genius intellect, which has allowed her to develop far more rapidly than some of her fellow Echoni. However, her intelligence is tempered by a hyperactivity that tends to cause her to be brazen and incautious, and a seeming lack of empathy. She is generally friendly, but can become bored with other units or researchers if not properly stimulated. This unit has a tendency to get herself into trouble, which has resulted in several lockdowns and increasingly drastic containment measures for her.

Loading log...

Dr. ████████ Unit 101, I need to perform a brief psychological evaluation before we allow you back into your room. Please answer with Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree to how the following statements relate to your life. You may be asked additional follow-up questions. Do you understand?

101: Strongly Agree.

Dr. ████████ That wasn't a statement but thank you. Alright. Shuffling papers. One. I often think about hurting other people.

101: Neutral.

Dr. ████████ Two. I often find myself crying for no reason.

101: Strongly Disagree.

Dr. ████████ Three. I sometimes think about how I would be better off if I was dead.

101: Strongly Disagree.

Dr. ████████ Four. I see or hear things that others cannot.

101: Strongly Agree.

Dr. ████████ Can you please explain what you can see or hear?

101: I hear guilt. Your mother, she died recently. You never got to see her, you were too busy with work and you used that as an excuse to never visit her. You worry that she died alone and afr-

Dr. ████████ Okay, that's enough 101-

101: You think I'm disgusting. You fear me. You think so loud. I wish you would all stop... thinking...

The sound of a human male screaming.

Log Ended.

Examination notes: Additional Exophage containment measures have been requested. Unit is to be sent back into storage until containment is arranged and is to be outfitted with hazard runes. Potential personality change to Class E.

- - Physical Overview - -

101 has only a few visible mutations, mostly appearing to be a cybernetically enhanced human. One of the most unsettling mutations is that fact that a large amount of her bone structure is external and extremely solidified. A series of metal plates and pneumatic systems augment this natural armor. Incredibly, despite everything, this unit still has all of their limbs fully intact, and the cybernetics seem to mostly be enhancement, rather than pure replacement. The unit has been outfitted with a handful of cybernetics, from two gigantic shoulder mounted thrusters, to a long, tubular tail. However, the rest of her appears to have been mostly untouched.

  • Build: Lithely muscular, although a little curvier than usual for an Echoni.
  • Facial Features: 101 has a very symmetrical face that is noticeably alien. Her sclera are black, and her glowing pink irises have slitted pupils, not unlike those of a snake or cat.
  • Hair Style: The unit has mostly white hair, however it is streaked with black in some places. She often keeps it in a long ponytail so it is out of her way.
  • Distinguishing Features: She has a tattoo of her number on her left cheek and a large yellow caution symbol on her right. This is the symbol that identifies her as a High Devil.

Loading log...

Dr. ███ We pushed 101 too far today. With brain wave stimulation, we were hoping to fully access her telekinetic abilities. Unfortunately, she seemed to be waiting for this. We're having a major building failure right now, and a potentially deadly containment breach. Luckily, she seems to only be interested in the juice boxes at this point. For some reason her collar isn't working. We will have to manually disable her.

Log Ended.

Loading log...

Dr. ███ We have determined the cause of the collar's malfunction. 101 appears to be growing spikes of crystalized bone around her body, which have pierced and destroyed the exophage collar. Luckily, we were able to subdue her with a carefully placed taser shot. The unit appears to have lost a large amount of blood due to the bone spikes breaking through the skin. I theorize that the pain from this sudden mutation may have caused her to go berserk. The damage is going to be a pain to fix.

Log Ended.

- - Service Notes - -


Internal service notes are AUTHORIZATION LEVEL ORANGE.

-This manual is to be distributed ONLY to SEER personnel with an authorization level of RED or GREATER. Viewing or copying this document without authorization, or allowing the information within to be distributed to other non-authorized civilians or organizations, is a matter of planet Hawking national security and will be met with LETHAL FORCE.-
- Dr. ███████ Note #1

The initial boot-sequence for 101 was rocky. It took several minutes for the unit to awaken, with variable heart and brain function, and upon waking she did not immediately verbalize. However, upon prompting she seemed immediately capable of complex sentences formed from words we had spoken to her. She was classified as a Type C. By the time the unit had finished orientation, she was fully capable of holding a sophisticated conversation. I have high hopes for this unit.
- Dr. ███████ Note #2

The unit has already developed several exophage abilities and seems to be rapidly becoming more and more competent with them. Unfortunately, experimenting has resulted in a few mutations, so we will have to slow down testing. Luckily, none appear to negatively impact her performance. I have also discovered she appears to have reflexes far beyond the baseline for an Echoni.

+ 101 scored 100% on her intelligence test and her combat capability score was near-perfect.
+ 101 has a large potential for exophage
- 101's brain works exceptionally quickly, meaning she is prone to hyperactivity and boredom.
- 101 appears relatively prone to mutation.
- 101's incident count is now at 2.
- Dr. ████████ Note #1

The unit has been moved to storage until containment procedures can be made. She is not to be removed until proper containment can be arranged. 101 has an incredible potential to be one of the most successful bioweapons we have produced, but we risk a catastrophic failure if we can't get her under control.

- 101's incident count is now at 5.
- Dr. ███████ Note #3

101 has been taken out of storage after further containment modifications have been made. We resumed testing immediately and she is continuing to make steady progress.

+ 101 has developed telekinesis which she is starting to use subconsciously.
- Dr. ████████ Note #2

I understand how tempting this Echoni is but I am formally requesting that she be removed from experimentation.

- 101's incident count is now at 6.
- Dr. ███ Note #1

I have finally gotten approval to take 101 out of storage. I'm hoping to undo some of the damage Dr. ████████ did to her.
- Dr. ███ Note #2

Rehabilitation appears to be going well. I have gotten approval to install some experimental modifications that I believe will be helpful both in increasing her maximum output and as a last resort restraining method.

- 101's incident count is now at 7.
+ 101 has spontaneously developed an exoskeleton. Analysis shows it is made of a combination of bone, organic carbon nanotubes and some sort of unknown crystalline substance. She is adapting to it well, although she is to be kept on pain medication, steroids, and antibiotics until the bleeding and swelling goes down.
+ Installation of cybernetic augmentations has nearly doubled her physical capacity.
- 101 keeps accidentally breaking things. She is temporarily banned from hugs and high-fives.
- Dr. ███ Note #3

101's training is complete! As long as her handlers are given proper instruction on how to handle her she should prove to be a perfect weapon. After her cybernetic exophage limiters are perfected, she will be cleared for combat. Previous incidents are not to be disclosed to future operators as they do not pertain to her current psychological status. I am redacting the details. Her history before deployment will be as a blank slate.

+ 101 has been transferred to the Edward Deming.


  • Skill 1: Melee Combat (Blades)
  • Skill 2: Ranged Combat (Heavy Weapons)
  • Skill 3: Aberrant Power Focus
  • Skill 4: Science


  • Trait 1: Intelligent
  • Trait 2: Curious
  • Trait 3: Hyper Active
  • Trait 4: Sadistic
  • Trait 5: Easily Bored


Standard Combat gear:

Exophage Transmission Sheath​
Combat Knife​
Other gear:

Personal Music player​




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