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Sayla Vee

====Personnel Registry====

-Physical Description-

Sayla is often encompassed by the latest in projection technology and adaptive materials, allowing her to programatically define what she wants to look like, allowing the systems around her to map that image to her shape through materials and holographic technologies.

She is limited by her own physical form's size, as she her enhancements don't allow for her to easily turn invisible. This means her shapes are generally limited to those larger than herself by some amount.

-Personality Description-

Sayla is an oddball among oddballs. She shares many of the personality traits of those from Yelton Veda, including a deep focus on her area of study taken to extremes, with a general disregard for some of the more human aspects of life. What sets her apart is that she views the world through the lens of Fashion.

To wear clothing and control your appearance is how one presents themselves to the world, and it is the first, strongest, method of communicating who you are and your intent to those around you! This approach is made somewhat problematic by The Magnetic Assembly's somewhat unusual and utilitarian tastes, requiring Sayla to study the 'normies' on Hawking in order to further her craft.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ Always Well dressed

- ALWAYS well dressed


Sayla was born on Yelton Veda in 2392, and would make her way through the educational program within 10% standard deviation of the average for her age group for rate of completion. She would be assigned to work at Yelton Veda in the systems engineering division as a quality engineer. In 2316 she would start requesting assignments outside of Yelton Veda to better 'see the universe' and would end up in Concourse Gamma on the planet Hawking, assisting with maintaining the semi-underground facility.

Her work adding 'style' to the facility would see her catch the eye of Caxia and Doris Muller. After a few trial assignments, Sayla would be assigned to the Echoni Project with an emphasis on helping develop their normie-facing potential.

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