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Sakamoto Hina

Sakamoto Hina

Biographical information
Tiāntáng (天堂) 2288 CE 32
Physical description
Daqinese Rooster Type Female 5' (152 cm) 89 lbs (40 kg) Black Gold Fair
Political Information
Empire of Daqin Merchant, Office of Imperial Intelligence That Cocky Rooster, Ara-Ara
Out-of-Character Information
CadetNewb A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Sakamoto Hina is a Daqinese woman with a Rooster Form. At a glance, she fits her typology to a T as a seductive socialite, negotiator and merchant of the Daqin Empire, however, she is more than what meets the eye. Despite originally being a merchant, Sakamoto is one of few individuals who cross-specialized into another occupation. In her case, she is also a member of the Imperial Military, specifically, the intelligence branch. As a result of this, she has had many unique experiences that have made her a valuable asset. Interestingly, she is one of Korui Hoshiko's closest confidants and associates as well despite being such a lowly individual.

She is played by CadetNewb.


As a Daqinese featuring a Rooster Form, Sakamoto's playful, flirtatious and otherwise mischievous demeanor hides a great mercantile intelligence that analyzes those she interacts with. Though caring of those around her, Sakamoto is ultimately a driven businesswoman with the next big payout and the several beyond that in her sights. Because of the foresight she has, Sakamoto is often considered an oddity even amongst the Roosters due to the more unconventional choices and risks that she takes. Whatever foul thoughts she has - should she have any - Sakamoto keeps to herself, as she is an equal opportunity employer!


  • Build and Skin Color: Sakamoto's build is willowy, or at least would be if she were taller. Slim and lithe, she is gracefully curvaceous, but by no means too much either. Meanwhile, her skin does not betray the fact that she is in the military. Fair and soft, one would think she were just another merchant, diplomat or courtesan
  • Eyes and Facial Features: Her eyes are a gold that stand out in contrast to her black hair, while her face itself makes it clear she has an Asian ancestry. Despite this though, it is a little wider and more heart shaped than most that do.
  • Hair Color and Style: Sakamoto typically keeps her long, raven black hair straight and flowing, but may put it up into any number of buns and knots as the occasion demands.
  • Distinguishing Features: Like most Daqinese Roosters, her arms are covered with a wide variety of feathers from the shoulders to the wrists much like sleeves. Meanwhile, Sakamoto also sports a bustle with large, colorful tail feathers which she may swish around. What's also notable are the almost 'horn' like tufts of feathers she has on her head, which may wiggle and move according to her mood.


Sakamoto started out as the typical Rooster, being made in one of the primary orbital facilities over Tiāntáng (天堂). Her career was exceptional amongst a cadre of peers that were also all exceptional, and as a result, she spent most of her early years conducting low to middle level sales, or maintaining the logistics of the empire. She moved where she was needed, but due to the Empire's desire to thoroughly cross-train as many personnel as possible, Sakamoto was selected to manage one of its smaller merchant flotillas. Here, she met Hoshiko, and after working together, developed an interest in more martial affairs. (old stuff, will update)

WIP Update Notes 12/7/20:
  • Decanted in Imperial Station #4 - "Yamatai (邪馬台)" in 2288 CE
  • Raised as general purpose unit meant for medium-high level mercantile management, medium level diplomacy and entertainment
  • Sent down to Tiāntáng (天堂) to liaison with the Aos Si in 2297 CE at age 9, adulthood for Daqinren
  • One of several liaisons tasked with obtaining artifacts and research objects


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