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====Personnel Registry====


Name: 641 Z-23
Age / Gender: 1 / Female
Nationality: Echoni
Occupation: Bioweapon
Originator Code: Uso

-Physical Description-

Z-23 is a Heavy-Model Echoni with detachable limbs and a core-body that was upgraded to be better suited for operations in space. While her main body is youthful and energetic, her arms and legs are traditionally much heavier including heavy rocket-assisted legs, teathered rocket-deployable arms, RCS thrusters on shoulder pods, and a powerful recoiless cannon mounted on her back. The heavy armor and equipment make her well suited for zero gravity operations.

-Personality Description-

This unit was originally outgoing and rather friendly, being one of the few Echoni that have not attempted to harm or destroy the Mr. Trinket formative learning automation when originally introduced. Extensive damage caused by Exhophage based abilities would cause the unit to be placed into long term storage, which would seem to be the origin of her desire to 'get out and do stuff'. Z-23 can be summarized as agreeable, curious, and hard to anger.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ Highly armored and weaponized
+Dazzling Laser (legs)
+4x active protection system grenades (legs)
+non-nuclear EMP (legs)
+Shoulder cannon (laser or recoilless rifle)
+ Excellent sensor systems (Thermal, radar, electro-optical)
+ Flight and Zero-G Capable

- Requires instruction and direction
- Immobile when not flying
- Inexperienced and overly trusting

-Service Notes-


Internal service notes are AUTHORIZATION LEVEL ORANGE. Do not share with unauthorized personnel.

- Dr. Barkley Note #1

The initial boot-sequence has gone as expected. This unit has picked up language and basic motor functions within a reasonable timeframe and is already showing some exhophage-based traits that can be expanded upon.

- Dr. Barkley Note #2

We may have rushed the Exophage studies of this unit. New abilities suddenly manifested during tests leading to extensive damage to the unit and the formative learning area that it was inhabiting. This greatly limits the testing we can do related to the Exophages, and we will be placing this unit into long term storage for the foreseeable future.

- Dr. Caxia Note #1

- Extensive damage limbs.
+ Core areas still viable


Unit assigned to Heavy-Echoni program under Dr. Dorris Muller

- Dr. Caxia Note #2

+ Natural Talent for Zero-G maneuvers and 3 dimensional thinking
- About the same as a flying drone
- Not interesting for continued research
- Had to rename unit Z-23 to fit new Heavy Echoni Production Nomenclature
- Had to explain why Z-23 was Z-23's new name
- Z-23 keeps asking to go outside at a rate of ~1/6min over 3 hours

+ Maybe Dorris is having more fun with her.

- Heram Wazu Field Evaluation #1

We had Z-23 working with us intermittently for two year and she is a valuable asset. Her personality seems to be agreeable to the crew and she has a disarming effect on newcomers so she is often used as our initial greeting party. Her Exophage power generation is very useful for heavy cybernetics and other equipment, allowing a small group to carry with it a rather massive power source which makes her useful in a support role in just about any situation. The high consistency of this ability seems to pose no risk of exophage corruption which makes her a suitable choice for operations away from the facilities at Concourse Alpha.

I would prefer she have some more normal options available to her. I'm recommending she be allowed to participate with Z-9 in the IDOL program.

- Heram Wazu

Additional Art

MA-SEER Sanctioned Morale Material #01A


Acoustic Support Configuration


Land Attack Configuration


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