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Biographical information
Concourse Alpha - Hawking 2319 <1 year
Physical description
Echoni E-4 Nonbinary 127cm/4'2in 22kg/50lbs Light Blue Black sclera and white irises Pale Blue
Political Information
S.E.E.R. Scout Little Devil, Blue Devil, Brat
Out-of-Character Information
space_person (Stibby) 4/24/22

Whether infiltrating a Daquin base or the Alpha Concourse kitchens, 844 is neither seen nor heard. They rarely speak above a whisper and rarely tell the truth. If you happen to see a silent laugh forming on their cherubic blue face, you've probably fallen for a trap. But those who have been able to befriend this little devil realize that they never act with malicious intent. Everything is a game to this Echoni. The game just happens to be very, very dangerous.


When 844 speaks, it's almost guaranteed the words coming out are lies. Far from being malicious, it's possible that, as a countermeasure in the case of possible capture, they've chosen to simply lie as a constant. This is because, while 844 is an excellent scout with their extraordinarily sharp senses and agility, they have trouble distinguishing between mission behavior and day-to-day behavior. They stay as quiet as possible, and they'll often sneak, hide, and spy as though they're on a recon mission even on a regular weekend afternoon. With this being said, 844 also seems to treat their missions as a game. A very serious game that they're determined to win, but a game nonetheless.

844 enjoys playing pranks, shoving random objects off of tables, and biting ankles. Their favorite things include anything fizzy or sweet, and many a caretaker has discovered that it's easier to get them to behave if these things are involved.


844 was engineered with a focus on biological enhancement rather than technological with the exception of their eyes, which are highly advanced cameras. Their skin is like a chameleon's (with the blue appearance due to the lack of pigment present in their skin) which can shift to camouflage them during stealth missions. Their ears help them to hear the sound of a needle drop from across a room, and their horns can sense vibrations in the ground as well as magical and electrical energy. 844's cute appearance isn't just for show -- their short stature helps them stay unseen, and if they are noticed, their chubby little face seems the least likely to reveal a set of serrated teeth, and their tiny hands to pull out a hidden blade.

  • Facial Features: Round face, button nose, tiny eyebrows.
  • Hair Style: Kept short and swept back. Light blue.
  • Distinguishing Features: Black horns with blue tips, large eyes with black sclera, pointed ears, blue skin and hair, shark teeth.


  • Strength 1: 844's eyes offer superior eyesight capable of capturing infrared, x-ray, and ultraviolet light and vast amounts of camera and video footage.
  • Strength 2: Extreme speed and agility
  • Strength 3: Able to sense vibrations and electrical changes in the air through horns
  • Strength 4: Extraordinary hearing
  • Strength 5: Chameleon-like skin


  • Weakness 1: Compulsive liar
  • Weakness 2: Wary of nearly everyone, but is easily bribed with sweets
  • Weakness 3: Not as physically powerful or sturdy as other Echoni units

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