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Ascal Gristle

Ascal Gristle

Biographical information
Clan Stygra 2290 31
Physical Description
Grawla Savana Guy 5' 2" or 157.5cm 142lb or 64.5kg Dark Brown Hazel Sepia Brown
Political Information
Former Yudo Zula Mercenary and Bard Young Bun, Rascal
Out-of-Character Information
Bushwukkie May 13th, 2021 March 28th, 2022


Ascal is a reserved Grawl that gets along better with other grawl than the Aliyums. He has an intense love for music of all kinds, and will get engulfed in another cultures music.

He is cautionary at first to the Aliyums that he talks to, assuming malicious intent initially. However, if they prove to be a trustworthy ally, you could not have a more loyal friend in Ascal.

When Ascal is frustrated or in high stakes situations, he uses a lot of similies and idioms.


In the Edward Deming crew, Ascal is relaxed and simple in his actions. His steps are rhythmic and consistant, as if it was to the beat of a metronome. His movements are quiet and friendly.

When in an area without the Aliyums, Ascal flourishes his movements more, unhindered by the social pressure of potential watching.

  • Build: Ascal is slim and athletic, but not overly muscular by any means.
  • Facial Features: Ascal has a squared jawline and a perfectly average face otherwise. No scars are visible here
  • Hair Style: Ascal has long brown hair usually done up to a Grawl Bun.
  • Distinguishing Features: Ascal has extra big ears compared to other Grawla. They are usually tucked into his Grawl bun. His fingertips have hardened skin from instrument playing, and at least one fingernail on his right hand is uncut to serve as an impromptu guitar pick.


When Ascal was a child, he often visited his aunt, who taught him to play beautiful music for others. She taught him that music was about enjoyment for all, and gave him the secret to rejuvenating with the sound of an instrument. When he grew to the age of 12, he worked his way into the Yudo Zula. He was young and weak, but held the convictions that Guro Styrga could unite all the Grawl with his superb leadership. Ascal did some questionable brutalities to his fellow Grawl, obeyed through blind obedience. When the Yudo Zula disbanded, he followed some older zealous soldiers whom he had bonded with.

He coasted through life as a soldier until recently, when he visited his aunt and was reminded of his roots. He realized that he was spreading suffering, when he could instead joy and wonder. He had forgotten about his healing song in the harm of his fellow Grawl. With this newfound inspiration and internal guilt, he left the dead Yudo Zula and set forth for the nearest crew offering adventure, with nothing but a guitar and his old soldier equipment. His tale truly began when he found the Edward Deming.


[*]Skill 1: He is proficient in many instruments, his favorite being the guitar.
[*]Skill 1.1: He can play a sonatina that causes minor magical healing. It is especially difficult to play, and requires contact with exophage to recieve the benefits.
[*]Skill 2: He is trained to shoot a pistol, but nothing bigger than that.
[*]Skill 3: He has an acute sense of hearing, better than most. This helps him pick up subtleties of notes, or picking up odd occurrences on the job.
[*]Skill 4: He can pilot a Crawler after training on the Deming.
[*]Skill 5: He is an excellent player in the Grawlan game Bomb It, a game to teach how to avoid or return grenades. It is very similar to volleyball.


  • His Aunt's accoustic guitar
  • A woven guitar strap, made from dried exophage infused plant fibers.
  • An glectric guitar
  • A device with a large amount of Daqin and Ewman music.
  • A small pistol
  • Pocket currency

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