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E-4H #549/Z-9

Biographical information
Concourse Alpha, Planet Hawking

Physical description
Echoni Model E-4
40kg +
Political Information
SEER / Magnetic Assembly
Out-of-Character Information

====Personnel Registry====


-Physical Description-

A small and petite unit that has a lithe, fey kind of attractiveness... With extremely heavy industrial cyber-limbs designed purely for battlefield effectiveness over aesthetics. They have a missing left eye and crooked teeth, lending their expression to mischievous grins and smug looks of childish distain.

-Personality Description-

Z-9 had extremely strong exophage abilities from the start, leading them to judge their own self-worth based on their combat ability. However, several failures against Uso have lead them to develop an extremely one-sided rivalry and a not-so-secret superiority complex over humans.

Raised by machines, however, they are pretty obedient and eager to impress anyone with cyborgizations. Z-9 also strongly empathizes with other rather beat-up and downtrodden Echoni, becoming outright protective in the presence of Z-23.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ One of the oldest and most experienced Echoni units.

+ Extremely strong telekinesis and dimensional-shearing powers.

+ A reasonable understanding of technology and firearms.

- Not as smart as they think they are.

- Bratty and impulsive.

- Organic parts are physically frail.

Combined E-4 Unit 549 Development Notes (Dr. Doris Muller)-


- (2318.04.04) Unit 549 early developed marked by unruly behaviour and a fist fight with Unit 444. Valuable data was gained on gravatic-field projection powers, but Unit 444 still won the fight unarmed. Disappointing.

- (2318.06.04) Engaged in tests to improve consistency of Exophage output. I don't think Dr.Barkley approves, but the disobedience of this unit might make it a total write-off.

- (2318.10.02) Field strength reached meta-132 today. Z-9 sheared tungsten rods 2 and 6, when under stimulation from brainwave manipulation effect D. I have catalogued the materials and requested operable materials in order to make Z-9's brainwaves reach this result reflexively.

- (2318.11.09) Pushed output up by another 20%. Obedience not improving, so had to use direct brain node access again.

- (2319.01.20) Maxed out output at 321%, but Z-9 attempted to manually manifest a secondary power, which warped the projected field. This resulted in serious damage to themselves and the surrounding facility. Dr.Barkley went behind my back to request cyborgisations, in order to assign them to field duty. Very disappointing.

-(2319.07.16) It's been six months, and now I'm hearing that they are mothballing the unit due to an accidental friendly fire incident? Dr.Barkley is an imbecile! He just wanted this Unit due to the high output, but they have no idea of the true potential...

-(2319.11.24) Managed to reassign Unit 549 to the Heavy Echoni project due to the need for specialist troops. Changed nomenclature to Unit Z-9. Disobedience seems to increase when in the presence of Z-23. Still rather accident prone... Even with my position, not sure I can justify them staying on active duty for much longer. Need to find a more long-term solution.

-(2320.02.03) Seems my leaked images have had some effect. Unit Z-9 now has a sizable online following due to their aesthetically appealing nature and rambunctious personality. Dr.Caxia has authority over matters of publicity, so I should be able to get them reassigned to Sayla's protection...

Additional Imagery


Z-9 under the land unit test program, date 2319.03.22.


Z-9 with Z-23 under the Idol unit test program, date 2321.06.15

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