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====Personnel Registry====

Name: 568
Born: 2319
Gender: Female
Nationality: Echoni
Occupation: Bioweapon
Classification: E4-2 [HIGH DEVIL]
Originator Code: LavaLung

-Physical Description-

A slightly taller than average Echoni with darker beige skin and slender, whippish features. They have a very long untamed cloud of white-blonde hair, wide heterochromatic brown-grey eyes downswept at the outer edges, a small nose and slightly elongated fangs.

More distinctly inhuman features include a second pair of arms, and elongated red nails on their hands and feet, bearing an extremely hardy crystalline quality. They also have rather pointed, outward-angled ears. Psychic hazard runes in dark blue were added for the sake of Dr.█████████'s involvement in their gene encoding, appearing on both upper arms and their thighs, as well as rings around designated █████████ interface contact points.

-Personality Description-

Unit 568 has both organic and synthetic reflex modifications, counter-intuitively resulting in an individual that is very distant and aloof in personality. They have an extremely high aptitude for technical interfaces and logical problem solving ability, but dire social and speak skills. It would also appear that they are extremely observant and might have a photographic memory, but follow orders poorly, and are quite clumsy due to their specialised physical attributes.

Due to an accident early in their development, the left eye was blinded to physical light but gained the ability to detect Exophages. Ever since then, they have become highly resistant to being restrained- And know exactly where any SEER pursuer drones are located, even through walls.

They use this power to steal and hoard any goodies they can get their hands on, unless locked in a room with specifically a primitive deadbolt lock and not an electronic one.

A capacity for empathy or physical kindness has yet to have been observed.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+Excellent reflexes, bordering on twice Echoni norms.
+Able to visualise Exophages within 60 meters and detect them innately.
+Internal exo-electic feedback system means they can control specialised computer systems... And can shock people strongly enough to knock a grown man to the floor.

-Being extremely deficient in real-world social training makes them come across as spacey and unfocused.
-Hardened crystalline nails were designed as an integrated weapon, but without training, they are a massive hinderance instead.
-Frail physical strength.

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