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June Summers

June Shepard

Biographical information
Ganymede 2286 34
Physical description
Human Low-Cyborg Female 5'8 141 lbs Black Green Tan
Political Information
SEER Genetic Researcher Dr.Shepard
Out-of-Character Information
Zlina2 May 20th


June is a driven and determined woman, a researcher in a field that defies the ordinary concepts of human logic and what is known about mortality in favor of embracing the unknown. From an outsider looking in, one would come to find June to be a rather cold figure initially, one devoted to her work above all else. Poking underneath that icy exterior, one can learn that June is a committed and intelligent woman who is devoted to ensuring the survival and growth of humanity in this world they have found themselves within. It also needs to be noted that while an advocate for many of SEER's initiatives, June herself has undergone fairly little cybernetic augmentation herself and is highly hesitant towards any procedures that would heavily modify her body. She is a woman of science at the core, a women who wishes to understand the depth of what it can mean to truly transcend humanity, and see what can be learned in this strange portion of the galaxy.


Composed in appearance, June has long black hair that is usually kept tied back in a tight-fitting bun and a heart-shaped face that would be pretty if not for the severity in it. She has a petite nose, plump lips, and a slender, toned figure that she strives to keep neat and tidy as much as she can. Perhaps the most notable trait of her appearance is her hands, or the covering that surrounds them at least. To those who look too closely at June's hands, they will notice that the skin on them doesn't seem totally accurate to the rest of her body, not seeming to connect to the rest of her skin in full. Underneath these skin gloves, one will find that Dr.Shepard's real hands have been largely replaced with cybernetics, with only the nerve endings and the structural aspects of her normal hands remaining. This sight of this is not particularly pleasant.


Born on Ganymede, in the American Union colony of So-Yeon, June Shepard was a brain born to a silver-tongued schemer. Her father, Henry Summers was the head of a key mining operation in the icy seas of Europa and he was more than eager to turn the wealth and power he gained from the trade contracts he earned from the across the Union, towards his own benefit. From the time she was young, June watched as her father spun and tore through every loophole the American Union had to offer to increase his own wealth, the man had bought himself a position of near unchecked authority across Ganymede by the time she was nearing her teens. This only served to show June the cracks that had already formed in the society she was born within.

Never knowing her mother, June was left under the care of her father who quickly bored of having a daughter once he realized she lacked the social tact to be his successor and he quickly busied himself with heiress chasing and developing his power base. June saw her father maybe three to four times a year at best and was left under the constant watch of a revolving door of tutors and nannies, few ever lasting long enough to make a deep connection to the teenage girl. What she lacked in social gifts, she made up for with her mind. June excelled in her studies from a young age and proved quite gifted in the field of science in particular. This early rise in academia contributed both to her social isolation from a majority of her peers along with her graduating from high school at the age of seventeen.

Eager to leave home behind, June accepted a lucrative scholarship to Luna University to earn her bachelors in science and during this tenure, she fostered a deep love of genetic research. She worked on several projects hosted by the university that were devoted to researching the genetic root of various flora and fauna samples sent to the university and quickly discovered a sense of fulfillment in this work that had eluded her for much of her life. Making the choice to pursue her doctorate in genetics not even a year after graduating with her bachelors degree and this period of work served to be one of the most satisfying periods of her life. June graduated at the age of twenty-six with a thesis focused on the theory of genetic engineering that piqued the interest of numerous human research groups and brain trusts.

Sadly for June, pride begets a long fall and on her first job working above Io, tragedy struck. The station she was working aboard had been provided a rare source of unknown materials from Tian Zao space and despite lacking the proper resources to handle the materials, the station assigned June to analyze them. Something went wrong with the strange substance and a small chemical explosion burst out, the material was ruined and a strange form of acid had utterly ruined June's hands. Ignored by both her father and the Union researchers who had funded the research into the unknown material, June was left to find her own aid and was forced to turn to a back-alley fixer to save her hands. In an experience that June would recount as one of the most painful things she has ever endured, her hands were operated on with minimal numbing as a variety of cheap cybernetics were grafted onto her nearly destroyed hands. The procedure lasted for what felt like hours but in the end, June was left with disfigured hands that still worked, albeit quite poorly. With no way to cover her deformity, June became somewhat of a shut-in as she grew more and more disillusioned with the corruption that seeped across the American Union.

June departed from the heart of Union space and the Sol system as a whole only a few months after her incident, largely a drifter for a period of time, she floated largely around the Hawking system and worked discreet odd jobs to keep herself alive. Alone and feeling largely without purpose, June felt on the brink of utter despair until she was approached by the representative of a strange organization. According to this being, the Magnetic Assembly had taken interest in her since her graduation nearly a year and a half prior and wished to extend a hand to her in this trying time. The representative promised her a new set of hands if she agreed to the work contract she was offered and with no connections, no family, and no other options, June accepted.

Her work for the Assembly began on a trial basis but their offer to her did prove true, in a far less painful procedure, a majority of the cheap, illegal cybernetics that had been grafted into her skin were replaced with a sleeker, augmented cybernetics that caused her less pain. However, the effects of the first surgery couldn't be fully undone, the nerve endings and certain other parts of her originally damaged skin and tissue were bound to the old cybernetics. Removal of this tissue would largely destroy what was left of June's hands and thus couldn't be done without fully removing functions from her hands as a whole. Chilled by the prospect of losing her hands entirely and replacing them with something else, June opted for a life of fading discomfort that she learned to largely tune out and was also gifted a series of flesh-toned gloves that looked like her normal hands if one didn't look too closely, something she wears constantly.

Her work with the Assembly was quickly noted and not even three years into her time moving throughout various contracts, she was approached by SEER and given the opportunity of her lifetime. SEER offered her a place in their division where she could research genetics to her heart's content and she took to this work like a fish to water. SEER provided her challenge after challenge, new theory after new theory to develop and report on, and she strived to meet and exceed the standards set out for her. With the New Years Revolution came the easiest choice she'd ever made in her life, abandoning the Union in full, and instead embracing the new project SEER had set out for her, working and researching the Echoni.


Skills are things that they are either talented at or are practiced at doing. Maybe the character is a great cook, or a master sharpshooter. They could have medical skills of some sort, maybe field medic ability but not surgeon level stuff. In the end of the day, listing the skill and then following it up with some details or specifics would be ideal.
  • Skill 1: High-Level Intellect
  • Skill 2: Excellent Researcher


Traits are more or less some noteworthy aspects of your character. Are they brave? Are they cowardly? Is this person creative or dumb? Maybe they're very pretty, or completely distracting?
  • Trait 1: Determined
  • Trait 2: Ruthless
  • Trait 3: Intelligent
  • Trait 4: Places her heart in her work


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