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"A force is only as good as its supporting infrastructure" - Somnya Srilin
Rangers traditionally live off the land and patrol large areas. The Ranger class of starships operates similarly to their ancient counterparts. Rangers traditionally carry a small crew, powerful engines, and ample weapon systems. Their compact size affords them great maneuverability and acceleration so they can get the most out of their weapon systems.

The drawback of their small size is their correspondingly small amount of carried supplies, living space, and reaction mass. This dramatically limits the range of the ship, requiring it to 'live off the land' by returning to motherships, space stations, or other facilities.

The Ranger makes for an excellent type of ship to employ in orbit-guard or other defensive duties inside of space that is already well developed. Rangers are far more cost effective than larger ships for the same kinds of missions when living space and supplies can be left at home.

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