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====SEER Personnel Registry====


Body Type: Echoni Model E-3MF (Medical Trinket F)
Height/Weight: 5”1ft / 340 Pounds
Age / Gender: 8 / Female

Affiliation: Magnetic Assembly / SEER
Occupation: Medical Unit / Xenotech Recovery
Current Placement: The Edward Deming

Originator Code: LavaLung

-Physical Description-
A feyish, spritely medical drone with the general appearance of a woman. The torso and face is synthetic organic with pale skin, bright green eyes and short blond hair. The arms and legs are more bulky oversized rubberized grey-white appendages, giving it the same overall ‘doll like’ effect that all medical trinket units have, despite their increased size. It also has some long boxy ‘bunny ears’ containing additional sensors, and a pop-out thruster system embedded within the heel-like legs. Lastly, it can be equipped with mission-specific modules in the shoulders, back and wrist units.

-Personality Description-
MT-33 is an experimental unit with limited sentience, awaiting more detailed evaluation. Their personality may be adjusted using wireless controls (pass beta type 4932, access level yellow), but please note that this may cause instability. In neutral mode, their obedience level is still at 94%. Please reboot and refine data if this number drops below acceptable limits (75%).

-Brief History-
An older model that has been continuously upgraded over time, MT-33 was originally a smaller scale E3 caretaker unit, designed for constructing and maintaining the more fully biological E4 Echoni units such as 444 and 515.

When the Magnetic Assembly fully absorbed SEER, the program developing the Echoni, an interest was shown in a return to more mechanical units. MT-33 was thus upgraded to the “F” Field type and grafted with improved stature and intelligence. Experiments are ongoing.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-
+An extremely powerful built-in sensor suite and communication system.
+Durable frame that cannot feel pain, only discomfort..
+A capable nurse that can carry all the tools they need inside their body.

-Not actually a combat model, suffering from serious balance and flexibility issues.
-Artificial intelligence requires babysitting to avoid becoming confused or aberrant.
-Requires external exophage batteries to use any thrusters or weapons.

-Common Equipment-
Gas-powered portable laser gun, grenades, retractable medical probes, medical supplies.

-Old Art-

(Earlier modifications, 2314-20)

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