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Mari O'nett

Mari O'Nett

Biographical information
Physical description
Low Cyborg
180 lbs
Dark Purple
Political Information
The Magnetic Assembly, DFE
Information Systems Specialist

Out-of-Character Information

====Personnel Registry====

-Physical Description-

As long as she can remember, Mari has been quite eye-catching, driving much unwanted attention. This would lead her to a reclusive NEET lifestyle, where she often hides herself away. She usually does not make a personal appearance, but when she does, she is often wearing the latest in anti-pattern-recognition fashion.

This usually includes a full body anti-recognition cloak with hood that is fully body covering from head to floor. The cloak is a mash of dark grey, black, and white patterns to anyone normally looking at it, though embedded LEDs and retro-reflectors create a very disruptive pattern throughout the EM spectrum that makes it difficult for cameras to observe her. Further QR codes are sometimes included with malware and exploits known to work against local devices.

-Personality Description-

Independent, untrusting, decisive, Mari makes for a fantastic systems penetration expert. She likes to be able to work without relying on others for both practical and security reasons. She does not extend trust easily, both because it is part of her job to consider security aspects of tasks as well as her own innate desire to keep to herself. While normally this type of attitude would lead to problems with self-confidence, Mari's talents for defending herself and exploiting even the smallest amount of access into a system has given her an abundance of self-confidence often to the point she can be annoyed by others 'slowing her down'.

She is the type of person who would love to have a discussion with someone about the importance of privacy, but in this post-privacy era its difficult to find someone who's even remotely knowledgeable enough to have that discussion with. This can often lead to her co-workers to describe her with such terms as rude, dismissive, or distant.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ Keyboard Cowboy, Samurai, Hack the Planet, other quotes from the 1995 film Hackers

+ Savant level talent in systems penetration and security

+ Constantly on guard

- Maybe a bit paranoid

- Doesn't show her work

- Doesn't like you hanging around


Between 2294 and 2216 is a bit of a blur in Mari's past. It is known she came from earth, and has quite a bit of familiarity with computer security though this comes more from the enthusiast/hobbiest side of things as she has never held a job in corporate or government systems security.

In 2216 she found her new home on New Cambridge, finding kinship among the many eccentrically specialized members of The Magnetic Assembly. These were people she'd often conversed with electronically, and with newfound independence she would manage to make the journey off earth to be closer to 'her people'.

Her talents would be singled out by Heram Wazu in 2319 in the lead up to the New Years Revolution where she would assist in the bridgehead efforts against American Union cyber-security in the lead up to 2320. Her work there would earn her a room onboard The Edward Deming where she would participate in the battle of Reiss, working with Exemplar Doris Muller to exploit hardware onboard Union Ships leading to the Magnetic Assembly's capture of the AUS Lord Palmerson through a complex multi-prong cyber attack.

For her efforts, she would continue to be provided with living space aboard the Edward Deming to consult on cyber-security issues.

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