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Patricia Teppler Gladwell III

====Personnel Registry====

Patricia Teppler Gladwell III

Biographical information
Embryo Colony, Yelton Veda, Hawking System
2289 CE
Physical description
Cyborg (35%)
6' 2"
Political Information
The Magnetic Assembly / SEER
Xeno-Recovery Field Operative (1st Class)
Out-of-Character Information

-Physical Description-

A tall and lithe, slightly gawkish woman with pale skin, wide and bright blue-red eyes, and a bob of short glossy green-white hair. They put great effort into a comely and professional, clean-cut appearance, though it can dart from aloof to very morose depending on their exact mood. Both ears have been replaced by short fin-like sensors, and their arms are both modular cyborg attachments, generally swapped out as per the mission at hand. Their left eye and tongue are also mechanical adaptations, and there are many dark blue geometric religious markings on their face, thighs and back.

-Personality Description-

Patricia, often known as ‘Patty’, has a high indoctrination into the Exemplar cult and is determined to be a useful disciple and field agent because of this. Combined with a lot of combat experience, this makes them very adept and quick to act when their is a set protocol given, but fragile when they are forced to think for themselves.

Such a strong augmentation of their senses also means that they pick up information that regular humans cannot detect, but sometimes it just makes them look a bit dense, staring off into space when they should really be listening to somebody else talk, or generally socialising.

-Advantages & Disadvantages-

+ Well trained in a wide variety of combat apparatus, including power armour and hand weapons.
+ Strong extrasensory abilities, including electromagnetic, radio waves, infra-red, and microscopic.
+ Logical and scientifically capable.

- Socially isolated, yet also lacks independence.
- Extrasensory abilities sometimes become overwhelmed.

- Body and legs not augmented to handle heavier cyborg arms, making them unstable when fitted. Only has basic human mobility.


A third generation clone of a revolutionary from the original conflict that brought the Magnetic Assembly into existence, the Patricia Gladwell line has always been known for its wilful obedience and extreme reliance on doctrine. Despite the fact that they aren’t really Machine Exemplar material, they are seen as useful as loyal mid-rank field operatives that can interact with the public.

This Patty in particular served a long period as a power armour operator with the Iron Conclave in the orbit of Yelton Veda, before engaging in a five year acolyte-ship under the guidance of the religious leader Exemplar Serpenta. It was only after this that they earned their current cyborgifications, and was assigned to test the viability of the new E2 drones at SEER. Covertly, this was also done to retrieve data and see if the company was worth absorbing into the Assembly.

Becoming fast friends with Doris Muller during the New Years Revolution, Patty was reassigned as an acolyte to
this scientist on their ascension to Machine Exemplar, eventually becoming a field operative that tracks down alien artefacts and disturbances on the surface of Hawking.

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