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Branong Type Guncrawler


A completely new Guncrawler design as of year 2322, the Branong was the brainchild of several River City Agreement boffins, seeking to remedy the massive drawbacks of commonly available chassis. Firstly, that they were rarely small enough to fit in now-available human shuttles, making them difficult to transport to other planets. Secondly, that the metal-laminate armour of older designs made next to no differance against alien weapons- And still cost a massive degree of visibility and mobility to boot.

Built on the general frame of the venerable Stolot light crawler, but toughened, lengthened and enclosed, the Branong uses many of the same commonly available parts, but with weapons, fittings and engine components originally designed for the rather formidable Gifrung Guncrawler. The new armour is mostly to protect the crew from the environment, explosions, and the backwash of the small tank's ridiculous assortment of new weapons. Extra portholes and escape hatches are provided throughout to improve crew survivability.

It is about six foot tall and ten foot long. The engine is rated to propel the crawler at a rate of 100 to 120mph in the open. It has a two Grawl crew consisting of driver and gunner, sometimes cramming in a loader if the lads are collectively short enough. The wheels are interleaved, and the spiked tracks are very tough.

The main turret armament is a 80mm cannon snub-nosed cannon with an assortment of ammo types, including armour penetrating, HEAT and incendiary. The secondary armament, set in an independently rotatable sponsion on the right side of the turret, is either a twin 8mm machinegun, a grenade launcher, or a miniature vulcan gun based on availability and preference. Alongside all this, four large heavy dumbfire anti-bunker rockets are mounted adjacent to each side of the turret, increasing the first strike capacity monumentally. A pintle mount is provided for holding the gunner's SMG, partially because inside space is so limited.

Smoke launchers and a large jerry can are visible on the front of the trapezoid hull- The can often contains water for the troublesome radiator. The stowage boxes on the sides of the hull are similarly used for the crew's various stuff, as the vehicle's interior is rather cramped.

The design is very available and actively being produced by several clans, intentionally designed from the ground up to be highly customizable, and built from commonly available spare parts.

Vehicle Rating
Weapon Range5Travel Range350 km per refuel

Variant; "Double Head" Dar-Branong Type Guncrawler


An alternate turret that is instead armed with two of the secondary sponson mounts in independently rotating ball sockets, this model is specifically a 'defensive crawler' designed for fighting swarms of giant insects or enemy infantry. It can carry more ammo due to the lighter armament, and is sometimes used to enforce local laws in confined tunnels or city streets.

Vehicle Rating
Weapon Range4Travel Range400 km per refuel

Variant; "Bombardment" Dataramarg-Branong Type Guncrawler


Sometimes the intended target is too big to miss- The bombardment type Branong removes the turret entirely, and replaces it with four separate large-scale unguided rocket pods. Though the destructive potential is extreme, the firing arc and accuracy is limited, and obviously it has rather limited ammo.

It is used for signalling, laying down smoke, attacking large monsters, bombarding fortresses, and sometimes deploying sudden nuclear salvos when things are desperate.

Vehicle Rating
Weapon Range8Travel Range400 km per refuel

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