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Savana Grawla

'Savana Grawla' encompasses a wide range of Grawla that share similar characteristics suited for living in hot, desert, areas.

These Grawla are typically found at inland deserts and hot Savanas. Their biology is better suited to dealing with the heat, and dealing with larger animals. Their ability to tolerate harsher climates is suspected to have arise from evolutionary pressures an extinction-level events that disproportionately affected the more habitable areas of the planet.

They tend to be Nomadic, and are the Grawla most likely to move about the planet. The long term settlements they do form tend to be carved into rock or situated around natural chokepoints for trade.


  • Much bigger (Needs to be faster to compete with big game)
  • Darker brown or khaki skin (No sunburn plz)
  • Muscular and less body fat (Better cooling, needs to burrow and climb)
  • Nomadic Tribal (Not unintelligent, but prefer to remain mercenaries)
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