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Reservoir System

Reservoir is an independent system located 45 light years east-Northeast of Sol controlled by the Great Houses of Reservoir and The Kingdom of Vice and Virtue.

About and History

Over a century ago, human settlers traveled in ancient STL colony ships to Reservoir. This project was funded by the Church of the Risen Savior, a merged Christian MegaCurch formed from a splinter sect of Mormonism and Catholicism. When they arrived, the words of the great poet and spiritual leader Dantarious were recalled; "There, pride, avarice, and envy are the tongues men know and heed", lending the impetus for the naming of the celestial bodies. Thus was founded the system of Reservoir, the wellspring of life and hope for the colonists.

The First Founding

[planet art]

As the first settlement was founded by Francesca Virtù, she named the planet Vice, a mostly freshwater planet with vast tracts of arable land. With the ownership of the means of production, such as water purifiers, farm implements, seed, and agricultural technology, Francesca founded Landsdown. Other, more adventurous families rejected the "security" offered by the Virtù family and left to found other, less prosperous, settlements. Over time, The Virtù family, led by Francesca, eventually bought or seized the land-holds of the neighboring families, enslaving them for agricultural work. Thus began the Virtù Dynasty, fueled by the ancient concept of Divine Right Of Kings.

The next century saw an explosion in the population of Landsdown as well as a stagnation in the Culture. Stratification was the norm and few spoke out about it. Repressive religion preserved the landed gentry and the image of nobility over the vast slave population. Much was whispered, but never accused. To be noble was to appear a certain way in the public eye, but to have free reign out side of it. Decadence covered abject poverty. A gilded façade over a rotting structure.

Eventually, other families, who had avoided the subjugation of the Virtù Dynasty, banded together to force a change. They misstepped.

The Second Founding

With the growing unrest among the other landed families, Bartlet Virtù devised a way to appease the families and cement control over vice forever, or so he thought. This agreement was known as The Great Sale. In exchange for their fidelity, lands, holdings, and the common free people tied to them, the ruling families would be granted access to the growing starport in Landsdown, ships and technology to reach the farthest reaches of the system, and the granting of the heavens as their fief in perpetuity. All agreed. This prompted the Virtù Dynasty to take on crippling amounts of debt, transforming the stagnant stratified caste system into a stratified capitalistic system. This ushered in the era of corruption, where anything was for sale, as long as the money went to the Virtù family. With so many "investors" willing to buy their way into "polite" society, the Virtù erected a new level of stratification, separating the common slave even further from the master.

With the "freedom" to colonize the system, Many new houses were formed. From soldiery and mining, to logistics, trade, and the entertainment of the wealthy, the Great Houses of Reservoir spread across the system, claiming the heavens and establishing their fiefs. Collectively this gathering of households and families, from the lowest slave to the monarch himself, formed The Kingdom of Vice and Virtue, often called The Crown.

To ensure the lasting peace, The Hierarchy of The Throne was established. Proximity, not wealth, from the seat of the Great House to the throne would determine standing on the royal dais. Obviously, those who stand closer to the monarch, would have the monarchs ear. Machiavellian politics and maneuvering became the norm but peace was achieved. This would ensure the Houses would compete with each other for the favor of The Crown rather than conspiring against it.

Modern Reservoir

The system is patrolled and protected by the combined forces of The Crown and their appointed lords of the crown, which are simply the ones with the most money interested in protecting their assets. These lords of the crown are usually the sitting heads of the great houses but are also families of wealth and influence. Ships patrolling the solar system are old pirated ships, freighters, and commercial shuttles refitted with diverse technologies, often leading to a variety of mechanical mishaps.

Technologically, Reservoir is a hodgepodge of technologies acquired from all over the entire sector. Automation lives side by side with manual labor. Various technologies are as exotic as they are diverse, as they are typically traded like all other goods and services. High end technology is usually kept away from the “common” people of Reservoir, reserved for the rich and powerful and utilized by The Crown for policing and security of the planet and system.

Most labor in the Reservoir system is comprised of slaves, purchased from slavers who come from all over the sector as well as those grown and raised on Vice. These poor unfortunate souls are not included in the official population figures, giving the system a rather overpopulated feel, despite the lower population numbers. All who are sold into slavery have implanted a metallic bar-code tattoo in a prominent location, such as the face or neck. Removal of the tattoo without proper (official) tools usually results in the death of the subject.

The society is officially ruled by The Crown, which administers rule through a monarchy that rules over the various regions and cities of the planet. The royal family is still present; however, Reservoir is home to several crime syndicates who actually hold much of the real power. Through their collective wealth they hold much influence over the planet and “control the crown” of Vice. They lurk in the shadows, and operate in the underworld. Without the criminal syndicates' power, wealth, and weapons, the royals would be unable to maintain control over the unruly mixed population of Vice and the greater Reservoir system, and thus the entire system would undoubtedly fall into anarchy and civil war.

During the Second Founding The Crown accumulated a large international debt with various intergalactic traders and had begun to offer lands and power to those who had enough money to pay for it. As the only ones with power in Reservoir were those who had means of securing it, crime syndicates and large wealthy trade families now ruling various territories and areas in the name of the very corrupt royal family. This results in a lot of unfinished projects, towns and businesses. Though there have been efforts in the past to give aid to the unfortunate, most of these initiatives end quickly with the changing of land and resources, which seemed to come under new ruling every few months. Cities are traded, bought and owned as if stock in a market.

Because of this diverse monopoly game of ownership, give and take, we come to the largest issue with the society of Reservoir. There's a great divide between the filthy rich, and the poor. There is a saying in Reservoir that goes; “Reservoir is a nice place, if you got the Werners.” It reflects well because no matter the diverse background of any people on the planet, they're either rich or poor. There's hardly a middle class left.

Despite the heavy use of slave labor, there exists the potential of the Freeman. The society of Reservoir, unlike many worlds and systems under the boot of the known empires, is for lack of a better word “very free”. Any free being, regardless of his age, race, social standing, or belief system may rise up through any way he sees fit. It is not easy, and success is far from promised, but in Reservoir anything is possible.

Star Data

The star of the Reservoir System is a Yellow Dwarf star. Below are statistics for the star.

[art yellow_dwarfstar]

* **Name:** Reservoir
* **Type:** G0V Yellow Dwarf
* **Mass:** 2.8169 × 10e30 kg
* **Semi-Major axis:** 1.017 AU
* **Orbital period:** 2.35 × 10e7 years
* **Rotation:** 49 hours

Bartlet Station, a large station situated 13.4 AU above Reservoir, houses a giant charging station and dry dock for the many FTL fold ships in the employ of various Houses and companies.

Planetary Data

There are 9 planets and 1 Asteroid Belt in this system. Below is their statistical information.
^ Planetary Overview ^^^^^^
^ Order ^ Name ^ Type ^ Distance ^ Mass ^ Radius ^
| 1 | Rabbia | Volcanic Rock | 4.91 x 10e7 km (0.33 AU) | 6.42 x 10e24 kg | 6052 km |
| 2 | Avaritia | Rock | 6.99 x 10e7 km (0.47 AU) | 3.98 x 10e24 kg | 5486 km |
| 3 | Atraxis | Desert Planet | 1.06 x 108 km (0.71 AU) | 6.532 x × 10e25 kg |6759 km |
| 4 | Satan's Belt | Asteroid Belt | 1.12 x 10e8 km (0.75 AU) | - | - |
| 5 | Vice | Terrestrial-temperate | 1.95 x 10e8 km (1.3 AU) | 1.19 x 10e25 kg | 7557 km |
| 6 | Superbia | Jovian | 3.25 x 10e8 km (2.18 AU) | 1.90 x 10e27 kg | 71492 km |
| 7 | Luxuria | Neptunian | 6.25 x 10e8 km (4.18 AU) | 5.68 x 10e26 kg | 24766 km |
| 8 | Gula | Jovian | 1.20 x 10e9 km (8.03 AU) | 1.02 x 10e26 kg | 60268 km |
| 9 | Invidia | Ice/Rock | 1.51 x 10e9 km (10.07 AU) | 3.30 x 10e23 kg | 2440 km |
| 10 | Acedia | Ice/Rock | 2.51 x 10e9 km (16.76 AU) | 1.48 x 10e23 kg | 2634 km |


Here the Great House of Pazienza (bear and the color red.) laid claim to the scorched and boiling surface of Ira. With the natural heat from Reservoir as well as the heavy metal deposits on Ira, House Pazienza specializes in the refining of the vast amounts of metals mined in the system.


* **Type:** Volcanic
* **Orbital Radius:** 4.91 x 107 km (0.33 AU)
* **Period:** 3.25 x 103 hours (0.37 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 13.87 m/s² (1.42 x earth)
* **Planetary Population:** 34,000
* **Natural Satellites:** 0
* **Facilities:** few
More information: heavy volcanism


Great House of Generosità (frog and the color yellow) quickly laid claim to this mining wonder. Thin atmosphere, meteorite encrusted surface, and close proximity to both Ira and Vice allowed for quick, easy access to rare and valuable minerals as well as bulk staples for a variety of uses.


* **Type:** Rock Planet
* **Orbital Radius:** 6.99 x 107 km (0.47 AU)
* **Period:** 5.52 x 103 hours (0.63 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 10.06 m/s² (1.03 x earth)
* **Planetary Population:** 50,000
* **Natural Satellites:** 2 small moons
* **Facilities:** Multiple
More information: Methane seas


Atraxis is a desert planet with a hostile atmosphere. Ostensibly owned by the Crown due to it's rich deposits of Wofleonium by proximity to Satan's Belt as well as a variety of dangerous indigent species, the Crown often leases mining and salvage rights to a family in high regard or to a private company who has earned the favor of the Crown.


* **Type: ** Desert Planet
* **Orbital Radius:** 67,232,363 million mi/ 110.8 million km
* **Period:** 4.87 x 10e4 hours (5.58 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 15.99 m/s2 (1.64 x earth)
* **Planetary Population:** 200,000 (80% human 20% variety of other races)
* **Natural Satellites:** 3 small moons
* **Facilities:** 5 (1 Diej Prime colony, 4 managing/scouting facilities)
More Information: Atraxis

Satan's Belt

As no house was granted exclusive fiefdom rights over the belt, many houses have various stations and facilities. This is also where the proxy wars between houses have surfaced and resurfaced over the generations. Mostly comprised of small military outposts and spy networks for the intrigues of the great houses at court.


* **Type:** Asteroid Belt
* **Orbital Radius:** 1.12 x 10e8 km (0.75 AU)
* **Period:** -
* **Gravity:** -
* **Planetary Population:** -
* **Natural Satellites:** -
* **Facilities:** many


Home of The Crown, the current and only ruling house since the founding, the Great House of Virtù.


* **Type:** Terrestrial - Temperate
* **Orbital Radius:** 1.95 x 10e8 km (1.3 AU)
* **Period:** 3.03 x 104 hours (3.46 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 10.79 m/s² (1.1 G)
* **Planetary Population:** 3.7 Billion (various races)
* **Natural Satellites:** 2 small moons
* **Facilities:** System Capital
More information: Vice


During the founding, The Great House of Umiltà (horse and the color violet) laid claim to the various moons, forming various raw mining colonies. With the extreme gravity influences from Superbia, all of Umiltà's assets were placed below the surface of the planet's moons.


* **Type:** Jovian
* **Orbital Radius:** 3.25 x 10e8 km (2.18 AU)
* **Period:** 5.43 x 104 hours (6.21 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 24.52 m/s² (2.5 G)
* **Planetary Population:** 0 on the planet, 8,679 on the moons.
* **Natural Satellites:** 27 small moons, 4 large moons
* **Facilities:** Many


Great House Castità (cow and the color blue), rulers of Luxuria, transformed the rock moons into pleasure resorts for the wealthy. Sculpted surfaces, beautiful slaves, and every game and drug available for those with the coin to spend. This is where the rich and powerful come to revel.


* **Type:** Neptunian
* **Orbital Radius:** 6.25 x 10e8 km (4.18 AU)
* **Period:** 1.70 x 105 hours (19.44 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 10.45 m/s² (1.07 x earth)
* **Planetary Population:** 0 on the planet, 694 citizens on the moons.
* **Natural Satellites:** 4 small moons
* **Facilities:** Several


Great House Astinenza (pig and the color orange) took possession of the moons of Gula for mining and gas extraction during the second founding, the first wave of expansion after settlement of Vice. Most of the structures littering the many moons have tunnels extending for kilometers, like spider webs. Whereas other houses fancied export of their resources for profit, House Astinenza reinforced those moons, transforming most into fortress style colonies.


* **Type:** Jovian
* **Orbital Radius:** 1.20 x 10e9 km (8.03 AU)
* **Period:** 3.85 x 105 hours (44.03 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 22.90 m/s² (2.34 x earth)
* **Planetary Population:** 0 on the planet, 6,750 on the moons.
* **Natural Satellites:** 22 small moons, 4 large moons
* **Facilities:** Many


As the owners of Invidia, Great House Bontà (dog and the color green) serves as the primary out-traders, clearing houses, and customs officials for the Reservoir system. Vast warehouses and star ports cover the surface of Invidia, connected by underground mag-trams to the main colony, Envy.


* **Type:** Ice/Rock
* **Orbital Radius:** 1.51 x 10e9 km (10.07 AU)
* **Period:** 5.53 x 105 hours (63.23 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 14.41 m/s² (1.47 x earth)
* **Planetary Population:** 2,785
* **Natural Satellites:** 0
* **Facilities:** Many


At the edge of the system, Acedia has a minimal, frozen atmosphere. Great House of Diligenza (goat and the color light blue)are the caretakers of Acedia and the First line of defense from out-system aggressors. They have multiple bases as well as an underground colony. Martial ceremony and history form the foundation of this house and planet.


* **Type:** Ice/Rock
* **Orbital Radius:** 2.51 x 10e9 km (16.76 AU)
* **Period:** 1.16 x 106 hours (132.80 earth years)
* **Gravity:** 13.70 m/s² (1.40 x earth)
* **Planetary Population:** 5,132
* **Natural Satellites:** 0
* **Facilities:** Many

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