• Nobles of Null is a forum based roleplay site where sci-fi and magic collide. Here, Earth remains fractured and divided despite humanity reaching out to the stars. Worse still, the trans-human slaves of one major power have escaped, only to establish their own Empire, seething with resentment at abuses of the past. Even the discovery of aliens, though medieval in development, has failed to rally these squabbling children of Earth together with its far darker implications. Worse still, is the discovery of the impossible - magic. Practiced by the alien locals, nearly depleted and therefore rare, its reality warping abilities remains abstract and distant to the general populace. All the while, unseen in the darkness of space, forces from without threaten to press in. For those with eyes opened by insight, it is clear that an era is about to end, and that a new age will dawn.



Stellar Radius:1 AU
Surface Gravity:1g
Length of Day:24 Hours
Length of Year:365 Days
Population:~10 billion humans
Orbital Stations:lots
Affiliations:Soyuz Sotsialisticheskikh Mirov
American Union
Gemeinschaft der Welten
Tian Zao Gongheguo
And many smaller nations

OOC Notes


  • How Earth Would Look If All The Ice Melted
  • What If All The Ice Melted On Earth? ft. Bill Nye
  • Climate Change a major factor in producing the nations that lead to the current status-quo
  • Florida, parts of Italy, coast of China are under the sea as example of higher water level
  • Note that Australia has its inner sea again
  • Numerous crop failures as hot regions grow hotter and expand, while colder regions grow colder and expand
  • Fewer zones within comfort level
  • Increased flooding, storms
  • Severe reduction in bio-diversity
  • Significant crop failure

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