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There were a few major exceptions to the land grab. Mars was one, but it was, and still is, a scientific and engineering curiosity, the biggest, most expensive symbol of human cooperation, a continuous attempt to create Earth 2.0 within the Sol system despite the existence of perfectly habitable worlds in other systems.
-- Fortune Favors Chapter 2: Gathering

Two centuries of terraforming efforts have turned Mars into a world with climate akin to the tundras of Earth. It was cold and arid, with little in the way of running rivers, much less oceans, but at the minimum, the air now had an appreciable amount of oxygen, and mossy vegetation grew besides puddles of liquid water at the equator. The thick atmosphere and a magnetosphere allowed humans to traverse the landscape with winter clothing and an oxygen mask. A large, climate controlled dome sat on top of Olympus Mons next to a great lake that filled the old volcano's crater. The whole region was turned into a tourist destination and land of opportunity for Earth citizens who couldn't afford to leave the Sol system. More importantly, it was a prime location for the Human Community Peace Summit, given the international cooperation required to terraform Mars in the first place, with Phobos and Deimos transformed into both interplanetary and interstellar transportation hubs, carrying great skyhooks that flinged vessels inwards and outwards of the solar system. A kilometer out from the Olympus Mons City Dome were several landing pads and their caretakers, awaiting the arrival of the diplomatic teams of the human factions.
-- Vows of the Olympians Chapter 2: First (Re)Contact

The city complex of Olympus Mons was made of domes connected together by generously spaced channels and tubes. The magnetosphere allowed the architecture to be lavish, thin, reckless. A rupture in the walls nowadays was a far cry from the violent explosive decompressions of old where it was a quick asphyxiated and freezing death for the poor souls caught in the vicinity. Now it amounted to a cold breeze and simply reaching for the closest oxygen mask until the whole thing could be patched by duct tape.

The boldness then, reflected in the sizable minorities of people walking outside the dome in oxygen masks and Earthly winter clothes, a passive aggressive “fuck you” to what was once a barren rock, a testament to human cooperation and ingenuity. If only it could be seen nowadays as Caxia was stopped before she even came close to the HFR embassy in the domes.


Despite humanity’s best efforts, they never could keep a new slate completely clean. The statistical reality always entailed that there were going to be people who fall through the education and healthcare systems, who turn to scum and villainy, even on Mars, whose population largely consists of people, scientists and engineers who’ve ignored the political divisions on Earth and sought to build a second terrestrial home for humans in the Sol system. Thus, it was wise for Caxia to keep an eye on everyone she passed by, staying away from people with criminal records or shady profiles, who saw Caxia as a treasure trove of exotic electronics to be sold on the black market.
-- Vows of the Olympians Chapter 3: The HFR Connection

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