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High Cyborg

A High-Cyborg refers to someone who's cybernetics greatly extend their capabilities beyond what a human can achieve.

While some High-Cyborgs may look mostly human, many are obviously upgraded or look outright Alien. These are not people confined to the basic human shape.


While mankind had been using tools to improve their quality of life and implanting metals inside of their bodies as early as pre-history, the High-Cyborg has its roots in transhumanist ideas that started in the 21st century. While typical media of the time would portray cyborgs as just stronger humans, there were always those that looked to disregard the boundaries imposed by the human body.

As technology improved throughout the 2100s, cybernetics would gradually grow from simply aiding humans who had lost body parts to being gradually superior to the organic parts they replaced. During this time prosthetics were no longer just for injured humans, they were starting to be used by people who wanted a competitive advantage. High end cybernetics would start to dominate high end athletic competitions. The first of the High-Cyborgs would appear during this time, some attaching additional arms or sensors to their bodies. Their numbers would be minimal at first, typically reserved for people who were considered eccentrics. Their numbers would be large enough that people started needing a way to differentiate a 'Cyborg' implant designed to improve quality of life with a 'Cyborg' implant that added multiple arms as the vast majority of people were happy to have small quality of life improvements but were genuinely concerned about eccentrics that looked like mechanical monstrosities.

2230 would see an explosion of High-Cyborgs coming from Yelton Veda , with many workers getting augmentations to make them void-capable. As the mining colony expanded and eventually formed itself into the Magnetic Assembly, the Hawking System would become like a Mecca for High-Cyborgs. The best doctors, engineers, practices, and components could all be found there.

In the 2300s, High-Cyborg was a household term. While few in number, High-Cyborgs are impossible to miss and extremely distinct.



A High-Cyborg is a Human who's cybernetics are unmistakably visible.

The primary usage is to differentiate themselves from humans who may have just a few cybernetics installed.

There is not a well defined line between Low-Cyborg and High-Cyborg, and there can be disagreement on what constitutes a Low-Cyborg or High-Cyborg when it comes to those who are somewhat in-between the two extremes. For example, some people who have industrial limbs installed on an otherwise human body can sometimes be considered either a Low-Cyborg or a High-Cyborg.

Though traditionally High-Cyborgs are Human, they can be of any race. Traditionally High-Cyborg implies that the majority of the person is Cybernetic. The original species isn't all that important.

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