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A Monitor is a ship designed to defend a location against attack. They are heavily armed and armored, but have minimal propulsion systems.

This makes the ship akin to a defense platform. It often lacks the DeltaV to escape the gravity well it is built in, and is far too slow to chase other ships or perform any type of orbit guard / customs duty. Its heavy weapons and armor make it difficult to destroy, complicating any attempts to attack its location.


Built rapidly by the government of Atlantica, the Atlantica Monitor was hastily put together to defend the planet against possible attack by The Magnetic Assembly. After the loss of the ISOC 6th fleet, and later the destruction of the SLE on Ur, two Monitors were deployed in orbit around Atlantica itself. As the space infrastructure of the Atlantica system is underdeveloped, the monitors would only need to protect the planet itself, and were not expected to ever need to leave orbit.

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