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Humanity was at peace. It has been a century since the invention of ship-based FTL, with stationary superluminal engines coming soon after. It wasn't long before the innate drive for power and the thirst for discovery drove the Earth successor states toward the star systems surrounding Sol, bringing about an era of interstellar colonization that continued on to contemporary times. From the golden palaces of Shen Zhou to the stalwart fortresses of Kitezh; from the great underwater metropolises of Atlantica, to the advanced space habitats of Silbern, every system in a 12-light-year radius had the signature of ingenious human engineering, a loud and clear message to the stars: "We can conquer you now."

Unfortunately for the apes in their metal tubes drifting through the void, they've failed to leave behind the madness of their hearts, and the idiocies of their minds, back on Earth. The Heaven Forged Republic (HFR), in reality, was a society built on top of the ashes of its past mistakes, irreversable mistakes that led to the founding of the trans-humanist nation of Daqin, one that looked down at the rest of humanity as weak and incompetent. The Gemeinschaft der Welten (GW), and the Soyuz Sotsialisticheskikh Mirov (SSM), were both sidelined by the greater political players, and as a result resorted to uncanny methods to stay relevant on the greater political stage. And finally, the American Union (AU), for all its past accomplishments and its current interstellar empire, was a nation in decline, ravaged by its own hubris and unwillingness to change. Such ignorance has resulted in a new political development that threatens to shatter the fragile peace between the human successor states.


Mars, Sol System

Two centuries of terraforming efforts have turned Mars into a world with climate akin to the tundras of Earth. It was cold and arid, with little in the way of running rivers, much less oceans, but at the minimum, the air was breathable and vegetation grew besides puddles of liquid water at the equator. A large, climate controlled dome sat on top of Olympus Mons next to a great lake that filled the old volcano's crater. The whole region was turned into a tourist destination and land of opportunity for Earth citizens who couldn't afford to leave the Sol system. More importantly, it was a prime location for the United Nations Headquarters, with Phobos and Deimos transformed into both interplanetary and interstellar transportation hubs. Kilometers out from the Olympus Mons metropolitan area were several landing pads and their caretakers, awaiting the arrival of the diplomat teams of the human factions.