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Interpol - Interplanetary Criminal Police Organization/Organisation interplanétaire de police criminelle - has been in existence in one form or another for 400 years. From it's origins as an international clearing house to having armed agents of their own, the organization has gone through various levels of independence from it's member nations, something it tries to retain as the international order threatens to split after the Magnetic Assembly's independence and Daqin meddling. With the growing threats of war, rising crime, and the manifestation of magic, Interpol has a lot of fires to put out. Needing a team of troubleshooters to deal with problems that pop up in the Sol system, the higher ups picked the newly minted Captain Beatrix Simmons of Scotland Yard, to head the team, to focus on the most thorny issues on their plate, from Chongwu trafficking to drug running.

Plot Style and Expectations

Plan is to be a police procedural, mainly dealing with a 'problem of the week', with the possibility of a serial arc happening when players pick what they want to focus on.

As GM, I promise to move the plot forward in a post at least once a week, but will go faster if people post sooner. However, if a player hasn't posted for two weeks, they'll be considered inactive. Nothing will happen to the character, they'll just be moved to the group of NPCs that surround the players and the player can jump back in and be active whenever they have time to post.

Plot Roles

Squad Leader - Beatrix Simmons

Other members -

Suggested Character Origins/Roles

International plot, so whatever you want nationality/species wise, though Daqinren will need to have some justification in their background for not being in the Empire specifically. All characters will be policemen, but can specialize in undercover work, investigation, combat, etc.

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