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Beatrix Simmons

Beatrix 'Bee' Simmons

Biographical information
London, UK, Earth N/A N/A (For now) 26 Current residence, most likely N/A
Physical description
Human British Female 5'10" or 177 cm Mass/Weight here Blonde Green White
Political information
Political affiliation here Soldier, Doctor N/A N/A N/A Masters/mentors/teachers here Students/apprentices here Alias(es) here
Out-of-character information
Acewing13 04/24/20 {{{avatar}}}


Appearance Here

Skills and Abilities

Skills and Abilities Here


Personality goes here

Outgoing, though likes to relax by reading or going to the shooting range.

Favoirte color is blue


Biography goes here

Went into medical school, but joined the military in order to help pay off the student loans. Became a little bit of an adrenaline junkie along the way, and got a little bored with the GDW wanting to stick her in a base somewhere instead of on the frontlines.


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