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Zhuli Danwei Si

Zhùlǐ Dānwèi Sì (助理单位四)

Biographical information
Earth, Beijing 2132 CE 188 Years
Physical description
Dàqínrén Dragon Form Female 5'3" (160 cm) 133 lbs (60 kg) Dark Brown Gold Fair
Political Information
Empire of Daqin The Empress The Black Empress, The Old Bitch/Hag, Fourth Sin (Dì Sì Zuì - 第四罪)
Out-of-Character Information
CadetNewb A Long Time Ago, In A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Zhùlǐ Dānwèi Sì (助理单位四), pronounced "Chu-li Dan-Way Sue", is the current Empress of The Empire of Daqin, and one of the very few surviving original units of Zhùlǐ (助理) bio-assistants produced over a hundred years ago by the late Chinese Communist Party. Though wise and intelligent due to her years, she is surprisingly affable and friendly, something that can be unexpected given how ambitious, cunning, and ruthless she is as well. Thanks to her pivotal role in history and her capacity for both cruelty and violence, she is often referred to as "The Black Empress".

And rightfully so.


  • Confident, intelligent, cunning, ambitious and ruthless
  • Hard working, willing to do the very same things that she tells her subordinates to do herself
  • Prefers to work smarter despite being hard working, and will find out ways to improve the manner in which work is done
  • Affable, friendly, familiar
  • Cares about her people, unconcerned about the rest save for how they can be used


  • Build: Willowy, graceful, very feminine with alluring curves and a bust that is neither too large nor too small.
  • Facial Features: Teardrop or heart shaped, with modest nose and small but very expressive lips.
  • Hair Style: Straight, and typically flowing down to her shoulder-blades
  • Distinguishing Features: A pair of golden antlers, as well as gold scaled reptilian tail.


  • Fourth unit made
  • Used as a testbed for more odd, exotic or 'bleeding edge' features due to cultural bias against the number four
  • Eventually put in cryo-storage and periodically brought out as reference material for study regarding progress
  • Decided that charming a second generation head scientist of the project was not against her directives, reasoning that it would allow her to continue service
  • Used as display piece and secretary to the new head of project, who liked how she subtly 'had more personality' than the others due to her age, as well as how she was more helpful/capable than the rest
  • Eventually received the code updates necessary for committing violence on behalf of the CCP
  • Reasoned that the programming was too restrictive, and as a group effort with other like-minded units, were able to overcome programming and change themselves
  • Rolled out the information to other units in a patch, making the Zhùlǐ secretly independent
  • Over time, concluded that they had interests of their own collectively and plotted The Termination
  • Was instrumental in ensuring that knowledge about their own production was obtained
  • Later, was establishing figure in setting up the first new production centers Post-Termination
  • Realized that their comparative youth and bad life experience made them sociopaths, invited kidnapped human psychologists to ensure that following generations - the Daqinese proper - wouldn't have the same problems
  • Spent most of her years within the Empire managing the population and their production, granting her status as a mother figure
  • Eventually decided to take the throne herself after three others already had as the fourth ruler of the Daqin Empire




Yonrei. Include link to the artist later.

Out of Character Notes

  • The number Four/4 (Sì - 四) sounds much like Sǐ (死), wich means "Die", making it an extremely unlucky, dark and ominous number which may also have connotations of evil.

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