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Compilation of esoteric anomalies that have occurred in plots

Ray of Meep

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Dawnbreak: Energy draining of electrical devices with no conduit, able to bypass insulation. Memory sharing with those with significant heartstone in their bodies, primarily Aos Si. Metamorphosis of constructs with significant Wofleonium in their composition. A contained star sustained by fusion in a small footprint using Wofleonium-based constructions.


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Outremer: giant elven ground to orbit space laser blows up a statesman; theradectans put into a sort of cryo sleep in big crystals; simple structures made with rocks and spider silk, tied together with wofleonium magic; node travel in a statesman; zombie Vrexul being sensed ahead of time with magic; soldier turns into a smallish dragon

Edit: multiple people got magic through the node travel bit, including the dragon stuff


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Echoni Stories: Usage of Exophages in mechanical reactors eventually causes them to form a radioactive-sand-monster-thing that wrecks the area.