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These all important objects go by many names, with the Aos Si or "Elves" knowing them as Emilsarn (singular) or Emilserni (plural),but one thing remains consistent. Heartstones are the foci of all magic in living beings,

As magic is an external force, it flows into the universe from The Tree of Life and through through the user. However, repeated spell use or more powerful spells require more than can be drawn from the ambient environment around an individual. It is here that the heartstone comes into play. Without one, complex and powerful magic is impossible, as they serve the vital role of acting as the point at which magic flows through a user, as well as absorbing magic from the environment and storing it for later discharge. The very moment an individual taps into the vast currents of magic around them, a Heartstone is formed at the very apex of their heart as magic crystalizes into physical form. Though this holds true for most humanoid peoples, its location will vary in particularly different species. Even so, it is consistently formed at a point of great cultural significance and vital importance to the survival of the individual. Heartstones are typically diamond-like, with a unique matrix configuration that allows it to absorb, store, concentrate and release magic, with their size directly corresponding to an individual's capacity and power. Novices that have just started typically have Heartstones that are the size of sand grains, but over time, these will grow accordingly. In most humanoids, a particularly adept and powerful individual will have a Heartstone anywhere from 30-50mm in diameter, with the average adept having one around 15-25mm instead.

Though they are extremely durable, a number of things can cause Heartstones to be damaged or destroyed. The first and foremost would be either absorbing or releasing too much magic in too short a time, while being forced to store too much magic can also lead to the same result. Heartstones that are charged over capacity are useful due to the additional amount of magic present, but are also used despite the high risks due to their faster rate of discharge. Meanwhile, physical or magical trauma can also damage or destroy Heartstones, with their durability being directly proportional to their size. The larger the Heartstone, the tougher it is, necessitating more force to damage or destroy it. One the size of a golf ball may cracked or destroyed by an assault rifle round for an example, but a bowling ball sized one may be impervious to that sort of attack and necessitate anti-material rifle to get the same results. Damage to a Heartstone is not permanent should it still be within a living being, but those that are not will remain as they are. These damaged Heartstones have their own properties however, typically having a lower capacity and a more fragile structure, but in return having a much higher absorption and discharge rate and capacity. When destroyed, the Heartstone itself can produce a myriad of effects as its stored magic is violently released. Typically, the sudden release of magic during breakage or destruction involves bright light, heat and numerous other forms of radiated energy, however, the intensity depends on the amount of magic stored, and magical anomalies can occur in the area as well as a result.

Heartstones are typically harvested from living or once living organisms, with removal being extremely traumatic, crippling or potentially lethal in the most ideal of circumstances. They can also be created artificially, however, these specimens are markedly inferior, relegating them to utility use in items such as info crystals and the like. Due to their source as well as utility, they often have significant cultural importance. Aos Si for an example, will have "Named Stones" which come from powerful magicians that have passed with age, and refer to them as people. It is noted that these both absorb and discharge magic more quickly and in larger quantities, increasing the value and strength of belief surrounding these particular Heartstones. However, it is also worth noting that stones that cycle often and rapidly have the same or similar properties.

OOC Notes

I'll have to go into 'precursors' to Heartstones later, basically the decentralized and spread out 'substance' that would eventually form a heartstone found in magical plants and animals not capable or not yet capable of spell casting. This will enable them to have magical properties and abilities, but not the full-on casting ability.

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