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Chapter 3: Preparations


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"Yeah sure." They pushed themselves with their feet, drifting to the bridge while flailing. When they approached the bridge, they held onto the walls for support and checked their datapad.
"Okay, you got this. This is normal in space." They muttered to themselves as they configured the coil gun while trying their best not to drift away.
"Okay, I'm done. I fire now?" She meekly said into the communication device.


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As soon he'd confirmed KB's work is complete and his assistance no longer needed, Marius was all to happy to return to the inside of the ship, out of the ominous infinite void and get reasonably far from where the giant gun is being fired. He passed through the airlock and back into the ship's interior, struggled with his suit before remembering how to get it off, then rushed to the tiny restroom cubicle to throw up into a plastic bag. The whirr of the trash chute accompanies his thoughts as he figures out how to brush his teeth before exiting the bathroom to find his jacket in the locker where he'd left it.

He shrugged the jacket on, hooked his communicator back over his ear and drifted to the bridge. He was still shaking from the terror of his brief jaunt outside and wished he had a cigarette, though it was probably for the better that Phoenix had forced him off those (and alcohol, and everything else) back on Luna. He took a seat on the bridge and tried to quell the trembling in his limbs before the sound of movement heralded Cindy's arrival.

"Hey." He said with what he hoped didn't come off as an incredibly tense smile, glancing over. "New to Zero G?" He hoped that zero g was still the cool hip term for it and they didn't call it z-grav or Og, or something.
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"Oh hey."
"Yeah I'm, I'm kinda new to zero g." They hoped their voice didn't reveal how nervous they were as they held onto the table like their lives depended on it.
"Uh, I'm Cindy, you probably already know that haha." Their chuckle was tensed as sweat droplets glided from their skin, they just noticed their legs has been moving up and down and they're trying to quell their need to break their fingers from nerve in their body.
"I, I'm just gonna do the brief test on the gun right now."


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Marius floats over to pat Cindy on the shoulder comfortingly. The fact that someone else among the crew was also visibly out of their element reassured him.

"I did! and you know me, and that makes us buddies. So don't sweat it, you're perfectly safe with the rest of us here, and I promise it gets easier after your first few trips 'round the solar system. Do your test, though I gotta admit, you look pretty young to be engaging in crimes and misdemeanors with the rest of us. I bet there's a story there, huh?--Ah but everyone has their secrets, I won't ask."


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Their shoulders relaxed and they became more comfortable with Marcus as they talked.
"Yeah its al, alright. I have a little sister so I want to work to get enough money to raise her. I might be young but spaceship in general is my speciality and its something i really love." Cindy smiles, then remembers the gun test.
"Uh yeah I'll just do the test right now."
They then nervously tapped on the screen, starting the test run. "The coil gun firing test will start in 5 second countdown." They said into the communicator as they displayed the countdown on the screen.
"Its my first, time being in a, a spaceship in space so yeah it's a, it's a very new environment for me." Their speech slowed to get their words out.


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Skolos stepped back from the coilgun reaching an arm up to wipe his brow, before realizing he had a spacesuit on. He'd spent much of his life in space, so he wasn't too afraid of the endless nothingness. However, the thought of his suit failing him which would lead him to freeze to death was always in the back of his mind.
"Aright, I'm gonna stay out here and see our hard work pay off." He said to Alex and Sovanna as Cindy started the countdown over comms.
KB-231 had placed the panel back, securing it against the rigors of space, before following Marius' lead back into the ship. He passed by Marius and Cindy talking, pausing to speak to them. "I was a few months old when I first killed a human. A few months more killing an Aos Si. A few months more, killed a lower Daqin." His piercing yet emotionless gaze speared through the small individual in charge of the test firing. "You're never too young to kill."


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James continued to be ignorant of the rest of them and tapped away at the mental keyboard altering and refining portions of the deadly virus he was making, Or at least that's what it looks like from the outside. Most of his job was patching together parts of his previous hacks to come up with a working virus, he was very good at this and the virus was getting pretty close to finished.

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Everyone on the Audentes could feel the ship slightly rotate, either around them or beneath them. Those on the outside could see bursts of gas, illuminated white by the distant Sun, released from thrusters welded on to the hull of the HAB. As Alex, Sovanna, and Skolos stood maglocked to the hull, they watched as the stars above them move mechanically, before coming to a halt after a few more corrections.

The coilgun was now aimed at deep space, a large inclination to the average orbital plane around the Sun. Nothing would detect it, much less get hit by it, for at least a thousand years. With that, the gun whirled to life beneath their feat. Alex watched his datapad as the voltage and temperature readings rose, then reached a steady state after some fluctuation.

Then, the gun fired. Superheated gas used to cool the barrel streamed out from the pores, the heat causing it to emit faint, red light. Short cylindrical rounds made of tungsten and depleted uranium alloys, too heated to the point of giving off light, streaked out of the barrel and into the void beyond in perfect, straight lines at several kilometers per second.

Alex gave another look at his datapad, checking the numbers coming in from the few rounds that had the bare minimum of sensors and antennas on them. A smile crept up across his face. "Yes, this is going to work." He announced through the comms, then carefully made his way back into the cargo chamber. "Let's go get this son of a bitch."