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KB-231 (Killbot)

Biographical information
New Cambridge N/A N/A (For now) 31 N/A
Physical description
Machine Intelligence Subrace/ethnicity here, most likely German/Frech/British etc. This machine switches often between It and He. 7'2 Mass/Weight here N/A N/A Skin color here
Political information
Currently: The Crew of Captain Alex Clyborne Murderer, Terrorist, Agent of Change N/A N/A N/A KB-120 (now estranged) N/A Killbot, The Shade of the Metal Hallways
Out-of-character information
TheCountryWarrior 1/17/2021 {{{avatar}}}


KB-231 stands at imposing 7'2 feet tall at his fullest height, however he is most often hunched over to be harder to hit. Both stances have their uses. From his sides and back are five arms tipped with titanium claws, in each palm a laser weapon. He is never unarmed. His body is a vantablack chasis of metal with a red spot on his chest that doubles as both a backup power source and sometimes laser weapon. His head is a rounded frame with 5 eyes of red staring with unblinking wrath.

Skills and Abilities

KB-231 is a machine of death and rage, his body built to sustain damage with attachments to deal it in return. And of course when in doubt, pick up a gun and fire. His less violent skills lie in ship, weapon, and personal engineering and modification. He takes pride in this work, something he himself learned and taught himself over the course of a weekend. His eyes are equipped to view the world through several different mediums, such as infrared and ultraviolet.


KB-231 is what many would call a failed experiment. He is violent, angry, cocky, reckless and loves to mock people it views as lesser. He does his best to keep this in check around allies, as he has found this is the quickest way to lose allies, besides murdering them. He seeks change in all forms, a nebulous creature of chaos. One day he may show unexpected affection and another nothing but rage. He is malfunctioning, but he views it as sentience. Maybe it is.


Killbot was made in New Cambrige by his Creator and Predecessor KB-120. 120 was attempting to construct a family for himself, that he may experience what it is like to bring a being to full education and with a job like so many humans had done before. Something had gone awry, the sentience instilled in this creature malfunctioning. When 120 was gone, 231 had escaped, killing a lab worker in the process. For the next 31 years he moved around, avoiding his Creator and Father as best as he could, finding a strange joy in killing.

KB-120's entire goal is to gain Understanding. In 231's madness it seeks the same, but not only to gain Understanding but to force it. If he could force Understanding into the universe his father may seek to reconcile with him, to 231's understanding anyway. Like a raging youth he seeks to overcome his forebearer, to prove he is worthwhile.

He works now to bring chaos to Human-space, that they may become stronger or fail as evolution demands. They will Understand. He will make them.


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