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Book 2, Chapter 1: Approaching Darkness


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Schwoomy stood aside KB and crew in tight body suit. She delayed in picking any non-suspicious outfit and was now stuck looking like a Mocap actor who lost their balls. The advertisements bombarding her every sensory pathway is something she was familiar with from her time in big cities just like this but here even she thought it was a bit much. Instinctively folding her ears down with her hands to block some noise. Schwoomy also didn't even have that much money, she wouldn't have been able to afford the first set of advertisements let alone the expensive and lavish stuff it was shilling out now that the walking war machines had been tallied. The entire walk to The Grand Cabaret was painful as the product placement continued.

Upon arrival she found focusing on the scene to be a great aid in distracting herself. Obviously some vehicular accident occurred but she had yet to really pay attention to their situation as a whole. She began to worry about looking too aloof to her teammates and started stroking her chin and getting a close look at the tire marks by squatting down. Pondering as much about her acting skills as she was the glass all around her. Inside and close to the surface she grew immensely concerned about looking useless.
"Should we set up a rally point of sorts to mount a proper effort here? Maybe a hotel room?" She asked Tall-sister while wincing at some bright neon colors shining around them.


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The chipper little robot nicknamed 'Cletis' came scurrying along from behind the group, a white envelope flashing on its screen. As he shuffled through the station, a small mechanical arm extended behind him, wiping down the small quantities of adhesive that peeled off with every step. This process left a rather conspicuous trail of clean spots standing out against the otherwise dirty floor. The multitude of ads went largely ignored; he'd made the mistake before of trying these miracle detergents and whatnot.

He approached the group, and an arm ended with a small camera slid out of a shutter on his side, swinging back and forth between the two KBs. "Mr. Dr. Knowledgebot sirs," his mechanical voice whirred as he decided to extend a second camera and point one at each KB. "I was asked to inform you that the ship has docked. Additionally, I have a sanitation report."

With a beep, his screen displayed a floor plan of the Azathoth's Wave. Some rooms, colored greed, were labeled Clean. The rest, colored red, were labeled Filthy, Disgusting, Unkempt as an Unwashed Buttocks, etc.