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Biographical information
Magnetic Assemble Unknown Unknown, estimated to be approximately 20 years
Physical description
Robot Warbot Male 6' 7", approx. two meters 300 lbs., approx. 136 kgs. Does not have hair Does not have eyes Does not have skin
Political Information
Recovery Foundation, Magnetic Assembly Bounty hunter and vigilante Fistful of Dollars
Out-of-Character Information
Wamly the Crab God 11/25/2023

A colossal beast of war, designed with one goal in mind-killing, and resisting being killed in turn. In spite of his rather intimidating appearance, and his inability to express most emotions, TALOS has a heart of gold, and only wants to help people and make the known universe a better place for everyone. Mostly everyone, anyway-he makes an exception for those that harm others out of malice or desire for personal gain.


At first glance, TALOS seems to be a rather scary fellow-he can't properly express emotions, and thus comes across as cold and unfeeling. Beneath that unintentionally frosty exterior, however, lies a heart of gold that only wants the best for everyone. Mostly everyone, anyway, he holds nothing but hate for evil sorts. He's not some brute that only lives for fighting either, though he does still enjoy it-he's a lover of literature of all sorts as well, and can often be found reading some novel or another he picked up.


A hulking machine of war that towers above most organics, imposing and looming, all harsh angles and ablative armor plating.

  • Build: A rather bulky fellow, built like a suit of power armor.
  • Facial Features: TALOS has no true face, only a series of ocular sensors designed to resemble glaring visages.
  • Hair Style: TALOS lacks hair, given the fact that he's a robot.
  • Distinguishing Features: Nothing besides his general warbot appearance.


A somewhat experimental model of shock trooper made by the Magnetic Assembly, designed to take a beating and dish out an equally punishing one in return. Unlike most of their machiens, however, he had some degree of sentience-not enough to truly be independent, but enough to be able to make on the fly decisions independent of a commander. For most of his life, he's served his creators as a semi-mindless drone of war, following whatever orders he recieved without question. One fateful day, however, during a skirmish with a pirate crew that had somehow gotten their hands on some Wofleonium, a crate filled with the stuff spilled open... directly beside TALOS. Slowly, over the course of multitudes of months, the strange material triggered a strange and anomalous change within the machine, granting him a consciousness and the ability to manipulate gravity itself, until one day he was a fully sentient being with a fledgeling control over gravity. With the blessings of his creators, he left to serve in the HFR-MA Exchange, left to his own devices for the most part. Eventually, word of slavers reached his ears, and almost immediately he turned to hunting them down, slaughtering them cell by cell until he was brought in by the police. Pleading guilty for multitudes of murder charges, he was given several years in prison, reduced via plea bargain and the fact that he'd only slaughtered slavers, until the Recovery Foundation bailed him out. Now he works for them, payment in exchange for his freedom, as they work to unravel the mysteries of the Aos Si and his magic...


Skills are things that they are either talented at or are practiced at doing. Maybe the character is a great cook, or a master sharpshooter. They could have medical skills of some sort, maybe field medic ability but not surgeon level stuff. In the end of the day, listing the skill and then following it up with some details or specifics would be ideal.
  • Skill 1: Mechanical Durability- TALOS is incredibly tough compared to regular organics, and can take far more punishment than most; a highly reinforced chassis certainly helps ward off bullets, after all.
  • Skill 2: Combat Precepts- Being a machine of war, TALOS is naturally incredibly talented in matters of combat, skilled in both melee and ranged combat in equal measure.
  • Skill 3: Computer Mind- TALOS's mind is essentially a miniature computer, and comes with a wide array of benefits-memory banks, quick calculations for basic math, GPS, he can even browse the Internet and make calls without need of a computer or phone.
  • Skill 4: Bookworm- TALOS holds a treasure trove's worth of knowledge on literature, and while he's no definitive font of knowledge, he's a good source to go to for it.
  • Skill 5: Storyteller- TALOS is a rather talented writer, in spite of his claims otherwise, and can whip together a good story rather quickly.


Traits are more or less some noteworthy aspects of your character. Are they brave? Are they cowardly? Is this person creative or dumb? Maybe they're very pretty, or completely distracting?
  • Trait 1: Protective- TALOS is incredibly protective of those he considers his allies, as well as the innocent in general, and will do just about anything to defend his friends and innocent people-even if it means sacrificing himself.
  • Trait 2: Nature Obsessed- TALOS is incredibly fascinated by the natural world, and enjoys simply basking in it and observing it.
  • Trait 3: Kind- TALOS is a kindly soul, and enjoys just helping others and being a good person in general.


TALOS doesn't own much-just his chainsword, an Underwood Thunderbird revolver, his duster and hat, and a dataslate filled with ebooks and a writing program. He doesn't need much to be happy or fulfilled.

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