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So you want to make a new species...
Our main concern with new content is how it fits into the existing overall storyline for the site. This includes more than just where the species is right now, we also want the history of the species to make sense and fit within existing themes. With a Sci-fi setting the big problem looming over the story is the Fermi Paradox. If we run into a high tech alien society within 100 light years of earth, we'd expect to see new alien civilizations every 100ly in all directions. With so many aliens out there, it doesn't make a lot of sense that they'd all be at the same tech level unless there was something out there filtering out civilizations past a certain point.

We have answers for this in mind for the setting, but we need new stuff to fit with those existing themes.

If your new race is low-tech, then this is a lot easier of a sell. We can just say they are relatively new and just haven't had the opportunity to build up. If they are high-tech, then we need a decent reason for why they are only a certain level of technology be it their civilization is in decline, they have plateaued, or some other reason for why they could have been around with technology for thousands of years without having gotten away from their home star system.

This template will cover some bullet-point items for your species timeline that you have the option of using to help generate a general idea of where they are in the story and what they have been doing.

Timeline Outline: Major Events in the Universe

See: timeline for more

  • 1200 BCE The Nodal Collapse​
  • 2100 CE Humanity starts colonizing the stars​
  • 2199 CE Zhùlǐ bio-servant rebellion​

The 1200 BCE Nodal Collapse is when the exotic material Wofleonium stops working as intended and 'magic' as the Aoi Si know it stops working, bringing an end to their expanding empire. This change is sudden and galaxy-wide as far as anyone can tell. If you're species has advanced technology by this time in history, they would certainly experience this disaster as well.

Humanity colonizing the stars in 2100 is provided as an example of when certain things started to happen within Humanity itself, and should serve as a useful guide for where your species is in relation to Humanity.

Timeline Outline: Major Milestones

Some example major milestones you may want to include are:

  • Species first trip into space​
  • Discovery of FTL effects​
  • Creation of their first Interstellar Engine​
  • Discovery that they aren't alone in the universe​
  • Any encounters with other species​
  • Major political events​
  • Major occurrences / ecological disasters of their homeworld​
  • Colonization of space and other normally uninhabitable areas inside of their home star system​

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