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Shen Zhou System

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The Shen Zhou (神州) system is the first star system colonized by the PRC before its downfall and reformation into the HFR. The star system hosts the habitable planet of Wu Zetian, which hosts the Republic Space Command headquarters in the city of Ri Li (日立).

Planetary bodies in the Li Ming system are named after ancient Chinese emperors.

There are also other planets:

Qin Shi Huang, a barren terrestrial planet

Liu Bang, a barren terrestrial planet

Zhao Quanying, a barren terrestrial planet

Zhu Yuanzhang, a barren terrestrial planet

Nurhaci, an ice giant

Wu Zetian

From orbit, Wu Zetian was a dust ball topped by purple smears at its poles. Only on these purple smears is the planet's temperature tolerable enough to live on without more extensive life support. Still, that was a thousand times better than the other barren rocks in the system. It made one wonder if naming the planet after the empress was a compliment or a result of sexism centuries past.
- Fortune Favors, Prologue: Negotiations

SLE Range


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