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Royama Dai

Royama Dai
(Rouy-am-uh Day)

Biographical information
Earth 2281 CE 39 Wéifēng
Physical description
Daqinese - Formerly Human Horse-Form Female 5'4" 58.9 Kg Pastel Pink/Black Pastel Pink Tan/Golden
Political information
Daqin Empire Doctor/Designer Gene Researcher Sakamoto Hina
Out-of-character information


Royama stands at 5'4” (152.4 cm) and weighs 130 lbs (58.9 kg). She has an athletic build with a medium (30c) sized bust. Her skin a tanned, slightly golden color and on top of her head is curly hair split black and pastel pink right down the center. Long, pointed equine ears stand tall from underneath the mass of hair. Her eyes are upturned and are pastel pink in color. They are approximately a single eye's length apart (1 Inch/2.5 cm). Between her eyes sits a small, button nose with appropriately small nostrils. In the place of feet her legs end in neatly polished hooves indicative of her form.

She most often is found dressed in perfectly tailored scrubs and groomed to the occasion.

This is exactly how one might imagine the doctor of an eccentric rooster merchant.

Her voice is a low alto, her volume rarely falls below an 'inside' tone, but is very quick to grow in volume. If one is familar with humans- certain inflections in her voice betray her American Union origins, despite her current Daqinese appearance and genome.

Skills and Abilities

With years of patient care and working in a hospital environment Royama is excellent at conferring exactly as much information in just as much detail as is needed to get the job done- this is to include even two or three word phrases. She is as skilled at relaying information as she is receiving and understanding. Her brain has been trained- and improved- to understand even the quickest mutters with little lag between hearing and acting.

Medicine & Gene Tailoring

As a doctor of internal medicine trained within the American Union Royama is knowledgeable and experienced in the biology of the most common species abundant within the known galaxy. She can diagnose and treat common injuries and illnesses efficiently and reliably. She can preform research and more invasive examinations and procedures to treat less common diseases and injuries with a degree of success only obtainable by someone with years of experience. Her skills have been greatly compounded upon since her gene treatments and the bio-adaptability of the horse form makes her suited for countless situations and an excellent living donor for multitudes of patients.

Although these days she seems to only have two.


Being a Doctor is more than just staring at patient charts and shoving thermometers in places most people would prefer not to have thermometers. In the case that Royama is faced with something that can't be pulled up on online or opened up in an old college textbook she knows how to 'buckle down' and get her research done in as quickly a manner as possible. Downloading knowledge is infinitely faster that manual research, but old habits die hard.

Having paid her way through college- or at least her life expenses- through the unorthodox method of wrestling with an independent American Union wrestling federation Royama has developed a rather odd set of skills for someone who has chosen to fix others as a career. She is a competent, technical wrestler with all the strength of her form to back it.


As a part of a crazy internet based wrestling federation you better believe half of what she did was staged and scripted. Royama learned all the essentials of what it meant to be a crazy internet-based minor wrestling celebrity. Rolling with punches, faking injuries, working up an audience, and improvisation skills. You can take the girl out of the razor ball-pit cage match, but you can't take the razor ball-pit cage out of the girl even if she is a hot-shot doctor now.
Today this translates to putting up with her employer's sass and questionable decision making as if 'supervising' a 'breeding session' is a absolutely, totally normal thing for her to be doing in her professional career.
Sometimes the punches are mental and emotional.


Royama is a focused woman who places her priorities highest amongst her patient care and professional career. There are hints of a high-strung nature that she attempts to place at ease with athleticism and professional excellence. She is found most happy when she is hours into a research project or elbows deep in a patient. Years of running a public practice that catered towards the undesired of the Daqin society has worn her nerves thin- and years of working directly for Sakamoto seem to have had the ironic benefit of giving her something vaguely akin to patience.
Still- beating within the barely room temperature proffesional exterior is the empathy and charitable nature befitting a well-meaning public health worker and less a personal doctor of a woman with too many ideas and enough wealth to back the newest whim of the day.

Biography & Lore


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