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Hilda Olander

Hilda "Midnight" Olander

Biographical information
Gemeinschaft der Welten ‭2,289‬ CE 31 (Don't Call Her a Christmas Cake!)
Physical description
Daqinese Tiger Form Female 6' (183 cm) 152 lbs (68.9 kg) Gold with Purple Highlights Blue Fair and Creamy
Political Information
Crimson Corsairs Space Pirate of Justice! Midnight
Out-of-Character Information
CadetNewb A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away

DO NOT STICK IT IN CRAZY! It doesn't matter how thirsty and masochistic she is, DO NOT STICK IT IN! DO! NOT! Go with the semi-chivalrous pretenses she's coming up with to excuse putting herself in danger, but DO NOT STICK IT IN!

- CadetNewb


Raised as part of society's upper crust, Hilda Olander carries with her a certain dignity and poise that many others simply lack in this day and age. Proud and noble, she is a kind and caring person who can most often be found protecting the weak, her maturity lending her the distinct feeling of a big sister to many. More courageous than many, she never hesitates to step into harms way for the sake of others, however, there is a darker side of Hilda that many do not know. She is a complete and utter masochist, and though she does have a genuine desire to protect others, her own ulterior motives line up with it far too well, leading her to commit many acts of 'heroism' that many others believe to be truly genuine, with many looking to her as an exemplar of selflessness as a result.


  • Build: Tall and beautiful, Hilda's hourglass figure is complemented by strong, well toned muscles hidden out of sight just underneath her smooth, silky skin
  • Facial Features: Heart shaped, Hilda's face features a cute nose, a small chin and bright eyes.
  • Hair Style: Her long, waist length hair is a light gold with hints of purple at the ends.
  • Distinguishing Features: Her ears and tail are of a feline type, and are covered with short hair that is the same color as the rest of her hair. Perhaps more importantly, she is Oppai.


Hilda was born on Earth in the heart of Germany itself as part of one of the more economically powerful families in the Gemeinschaft der Welten . As a result of being one of the youngest children however, she was given some of the least attention, with her parents choosing to simply use their copious amounts of money to care for her and her siblings. As a result, Hilda eventually found herself spoiled rotten and desensitized by the overwhelming amount of luxury in her life. Realizing that even her 'friends' were paid for, she fell into a pit of despair where she began lashing out at anyone and everyone with her rotten attitude. It wasn't until one of her hired friends lashed back that Hilda was finally happy and humbled; the insults and physical pain of their squabbles was entirely new to her, being devoid from her lifestyle of opulence. More importantly, Hilda began seeking out more, as what Hilda could find, she outgrew as she became a woman.

Setting her sights on a life of hardship and misery, Hilda left her home under the guise of a vacation trip in a private yacht and headed to Daqinese space, where she acquired the gene mods necessary to become an ultra-sexy Tiger Form. Upon heading home, she was immediately branded a race-traitor by her parents and German society at large before being disowned. Being cast out from her family was a horribly traumatic experience, much to Hilda's distraught delight, which served as a bright beginning for her life beyond her home. Though her family's initial feelings shock, anger and guilt quickly subsided as they tried to reconcile, it was already too late. Like a rocket, Hilda was already streaking away from home. Putting her intellect to the test for the first time, she decided to make large amounts of money as an exotic dancer (stripper), taking on the name "Midnight" in the process. To her, it was a job which was horrifically degrading and objectifying. Despite being quite distraught by this job, and therefore happy, Hilda used the money that she rapidly raked in to put herself through para-military courses. Though most mercenary companies wouldn't take her, she was able to find herself a job as part of the Crimson Corsairs, frequently robbing the rich and donating proceeds to the poor.


  • Fio Germi Cosplay
  • Lots and lots of other cosplay
  • Various disguises and military outfits
  • Many 'toys' and 'accessories' as well as legitimate ones
  • Various weapons from German History including the HK G3 w/ Grenade Launcher


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