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Daqinren Snake Form


Most infamous for their usage as special forces within The Empire of Daqin, the snake form of Daqinren is perhaps one of the most well known and distinctive of them all. Silently slithering and sliding into position to snipe or disabling high value targets with venom before swallowing them whole are all the stuff of nightmares, and within human nations, a frequent monster in B Grade movies.

Despite this reputation however, the Snake is just as frequently found in both martial and civilian engineering positions where easy movement though tight quarters and confines - such as the interiors of ship engines - is a must. Additionally, they make for excellent candidates for field scientists due to their combination of cool-wits and deceptively high brawn. It is very uncommon to even rare amongst both Daqinren populations in the Empire as well as purchases made by humans due to its abnormal shape and needs.


Adult Daqinren made or born as Snake forms can easily have a length of 16 feet (488cm) in length, making them the longest, if not largest form that the Daqinren can take. These bodies are covered in scales that are composed of a modified keratin protein designed to be soft and flexible, yet possess a high degree of elasticity and overall toughness. The colors and patterns across their bodies can easily range from very colorful to earthy and dull, as well as their sheen and luster, or lack of.

Interestingly, the Daqinren have chosen to give the Snakes only three fingers and a thumb on each hand, a decision that often contributes to them being mistaken for an exotic Chongwu. Females in particular have a pair of chemical-precursor glands and storage sacks on their chests, however, males lack this and are not able to produce the sheer quantity of finished chemicals. The most distinct part of this Daqinren form however, is most likely the head. Serpentine in shape, it is the most inhuman out of all the skulls found in the different forms, being angular, elongated, capable of opening many times its default size, and armed with large, finger sized fangs. In addition, some snakes feature a hood, much like terrestrial cobras, but it is worth nothing that just as many do not.


Due to the unique requirements of their intended fields of work, Snakes have particularly complex and developed eyes. In addition to the standard visible light spectrum, they are able to see in both ultraviolet and infrared wavelengths. This capability is active at all times, giving them a type of combined multi-spectrum vision. This is further enhanced by the small, almost unnoticeable 'heat pits' at the tip of their head under the nose, allowing them to see in infrared even if their eyes are closed. Should the individual be a military model, they will also have a secondary brain, though its location is more prone to variance due to their sheer size, making it more practical to customize the location.

Their hyper-mobile jaws are also capable of stretching to accommodate abnormally sized objects as well, and is the stuff of nightmares in many a human-made horror movie, especially due to the rumors surrounding the Snakes kidnapping people in this manner. In more casual use however, a 'pocket bot' networked with the Daqinren is swallowed, and allows for quick, easy item inventory management in cramped quarters while keeping the stored items clean. This eliminates the need to reach back into a pack, pockets or tool box that may otherwise be obstructed by the close quarters. More importantly, this eliminates the use of a dedicated repair robot that requires more rare earth metals and puts the logistical load on carbon based goods - people.

Just as prone to bad rumors and hearsay however, are the folding, hypodermic fangs that all the Daqinren Snake forms possess. These hollow teeth have outlets angled outwards, allowing the individual to spray a wide variety of chemical compounds. These can vary widely, however, the most expected would be different paralytics and venom types. Much more useful compounds include various types of sealants for ship hulls, vacuum suits and even substances suitable for wound closure on top of various types of antibiotics, antivirals and so forth. This only covers a narrow set of potential compounds that they can produce, however, the chief factor in this would be the organs supporting this function.

In males, these complex chemical compounds are produced in organs set inside their jaws, however, these are often kept specialized due to their relatively small size and capacity. In sharp contrast, females have a pair of substantially larger organs which not only make, but store and also recycle the various different substances. Production time may vary depending on the complexity of the chemical, and more hazardous substances may incapacitate the individual with deleterious effects despite inbuilt resistance. These resistances extend further into biological as well as radiological threats, making them ideal for occupations in hazardous environments. Meanwhile, their ability to survive more severe trauma and regenerate more quickly than other Daqinren types makes extended field deployment a more viable option.

Perhaps just as useful, is the Snake type's ability to switch between homothermic and ectothermic metabolisms, either producing their own body heat to regulate temperature, or relying more on the environment. In hot environments, they can rely on the ambient temperature to increase metabolic efficiency, while in cold ones, produce their own heat to stay active. In some of the worst case cold weather scenarios, they can go into brumation to save energy and pass time. By drastically reducing their metabolic rates, they can wait for months at a time without eating and remain conscious, albeit at a reduced cognitive capacity. Ideally, this is done under lake ice where they can absorb all the oxygen they need through their skin, and are protected from being frozen by the lake water itself. More standardized enhancements over other Daqinren forms include enhanced reflexes, speed, and physical strength, allowing them to decide and act quickly.

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